A New Map Revealed in Escape from Tarkov

The developer Battlestate Games announced that a new map has been revealed in Escape from Tarkov. According to a new teaser clip which is called Streets of Tarkov, it is said to be the biggest and most detailed location ever. Moreover, there are also a few hints about what what players can expect from the 12.7 unpdate. 


For players of Escape from Tarkov, the 12.7 update is more like a technical patch, which includes a new boss NPC called the Senator (who apparently can heal himself), and an expansion to the map Customs that will expand the physical area by “30 or even 40 percent.”It seems that there are plenty of cool features to be added this year. However, we still do not know the exact date for them, but it will not be long in the coming few months. 

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2020-06-15 13:45:42