A popular feature back is added in rocket league latest update

Rocket League's v1.84 update rolls out recently and returns a feature that was mysteriously removed when Rocket League became free-to-play.

Rocket League has an update recently that addresses a couple of bug fixes and returns a feature back to the sport. After developer Psyonix was purchased by Epic Games, Rocket League transitioned to free-to-play on September 23rd. During the transition, a feature in Rocket League mysteriously disappeared with no explanation.


After Rocket League became free-to-play, the Fast Play option for playlists disappeared. Players were forced to pick each playlist after returning to the menu following matches. In the v1.84 update, the fast Play button has returned. the fast Play button will enable players to enter matches much faster and enter the queue for modes previously selected.

The update also addresses a bug within the Llama-Rama event. The event started on September 26th and brings Fortnite items to Rocket League. By completing challenges, players can earn Fortnite-themed items like a Llama topper and therefore the Battle Bus, also as in-game items for Fortnite like back bling, sprays, and emotes. The update fixes a bug that affected claiming awards and the way challenges appear on menus. Other bug fixes include a crash during competitive matches and a mistake when creating private matches.

Rocket League has been a well-liked title since its release in 2015 and with the transition to free-to-play, popularity has spiked with quite a million concurrent players the day after becoming free. due to the increase in popularity, updates will presumably be flowing infrequently to feature events and keep the sport fresh and running smoothly. Rocket League features a lot of potential for growth, especially beginning with the Fortnite-themed event and therefore the new Season 1 Battle Pass.

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