Buy Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos to Get Higher Prestige Rank in MapleStory 2

The Prestige Rank is a system designed to reward players by relating their playing time and their productivity in MapleStory 2, which can be also called  a “play to win” reward system. By doing certain activities in the game, players will win Prestige Experience. After earning 1 million (enough experience to upgrade 1 Prestige Rank), your experience gain rate is reduced. That doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade more than 1 Prestige Rank per day, but it’s way more difficult.


Players will gain Prestige Experience in MapleStory 2 by doing such things as doing quests, fishing, life skills, playing music and dungeons. All players on MapleStory 2 starts with Rank 1, but by doing regular activiiess, they will upgrade fast and the first 95 Rank upgrades come with unique rewards. Here is a list of them to help players know more information about it. 

[Rank 2] 500,000 Meso Pouch

[Rank 3] 2x Attribute Points

[Rank 4] 500,000 Meso Pouch

[Rank 5] 2x Attribute Points

[Rank 6] 1,000,000 Meso Pouch

[Rank 7] 2x Attribute Points

[Rank 8] 1,000,000 Meso Pouch

[Rank 9] 2x Attribute Points

[Rank 10] Trailblazer Name Tag

[Rank 11] 2x Atribute Points

[Rank 12] 1,000,000

[Rank 13] 2x Attribute Points

[Rank 14] 2x Attribute Points

[Rank 15] 4x Attribute Points

[Rank 20] Trailblazer Chat Bubble 

[Rank 25] 4x Attribute Points

[Rank 30] Trailblazer Effect Badge 

[Rank 35] 4x Attribute Points

[Rank 40] Meister Laurel Crown 

[Rank 45] 4x Attribute Points

[Rank 50] Sage Wings Fishing Badge 

[Rank 55] 4x Attribute Points

[Rank 60] Maple Planet 

[Rank 65] 4x Attribute Points

[Rank 70] Trailblazer Damage Skin 

[Rank 75] 4x Attribute Points

[Rank 80] Meister Light Wings 

[Rank 85] 4x Attribute Points

[Rank 90] Elemental Light Effect Badge 

[Rank 95] 4x Attribute Points

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