Buy Cheap Rocket League Items to Enjoy the Upcoming Free-to-Play Rocket League

According to Psyonix, Rocket League will be free of charge later this summer when it moves into Epic Games Store. Rocket League, released in 2015, has passed five years and won millions of fans throughout the world. 


Previously, players have to spend $15 to buy, but it will be free to download this summer. It is definitely a piece of good news because it helps players to save money and pay more attention to game items. For players who still play on Steam, there is no influence and they are still able to play in the future. Players will also be given Legacy Status before the free-to-play launch. The Legacy Status includes:

All Rocket League-branded downloadable content released before free-to-play.

"Est. 20XX" title that displays the first year you played Rocket League.

200+ Common items upgraded to "Legacy" quality.

Golden Cosmos Boost.

Dieci-Oro Wheels.

Huntress Player Banner.

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