Escape From Tarkov’ 12.7 patch notes-LOLGA Share New Map Detail Changes

The 12.7 update patch notes of Escape For Tarkov are now call at the wild. The changes show plenty of exciting amendments to a spread of maps within the game.

The new expansion exposes the southern side of the map's construction area. This development unlocks a couple of more buildings previously inaccessible in-game. What makes this new improvement superb is that the way Tarkov designs its environment.

EFT is usually incredible with its layout, with its heavily detailed maps. the whole area is filled with dilapidated industrial infrastructure, with broken buildings everywhere. The map also features a ton of heavy weaponry, which provides the sport a fantastic atmosphere.

With changes to Customs, there'll be fewer people that will believe camping. The newer, safer routes mean more players would wish to move in it. Furthermore, it's not only the Customs map that's getting a facelift.


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Jul 21, 2020