FIFA 18 fans are counting down the winter upgrade revealed

According to last year's "update rating" FIFA's 18 winter upgrade will be gradually carried out by the end of February.

Last year's rating update began on Friday, February 17, and ends on February 27.

If EA Sports uses a similar model, then the winter upgrade will begin on Friday, February 16.

At the same time, FIFA's 18-year-old developers have asked the fans to feedback who should upgrade the rating.

"Who do you think should get a rating, a weak footsteps or skill escalation at FIFA 18? Read Recent Tweets.


At the press conference, EA Sports launched a new FIFA 18 update designed to improve gameplay and eliminate annoying issues.

About 1GB in weight, the new patch is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One.

The latest FIFA 18 patch makes kick-off more difficult.

The defensive team is now more compact, attackers are less aggressive, attack and defender space is smaller.

And, in some cases, the goalkeeper will not clean the ballolarily.

EA Sports recently held the FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona.

That's good news for the UK, as 16-year-old Donovan "Dh TekKz" Hunt won the match.

Despite being the seed's 55th seed, the British Finals beat Nicholas "nicolas99fc" Villalba8-2.

The company is located in:

On each platform, the top eight players got their place in the FIFA 18 Global Series this June.

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