[FIFA News] 3 giants 72 points Warriors to defend the home small library eye-catching Mavericks stil

November 9th Warriors at home to 116-95 win over the Mavericks.

Warriors (6-2) two-game winning streak. Kevin - Durant scored 28 points and 10 rebounds, Stephen Curry 3-pointers 8-for-4, scored 24 points and 6 assists, Craig - Thompson also hit four three-pointers, scored 20 points , Raymond - Green 16 points and 10 rebounds.

Dallas (2-6) two-game winning streak ended. Harrison - Barnes face the old club got 25 points and 8 rebounds, Justin - Anderson 16 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists, Seth - Curry 4 of 17 shots, 10 points and 9 assists and 5 steals, Germany White - Powell 14 points and nine rebounds.

Warriors can see two familiar faces. Old Barnes and Andrew - Bogut became a member of the Mavericks, this is their first time to face his former club.

Curry also saw more familiar people. His brother Seth - Curry is also a member of the Mavericks, even starting today, the brothers in the field directly on the bit.

Dallas - Williams, Dirk - Nowitzki, Wesley - Matthews, Devin - Harris and Andrew - Bogut and others did not play. They are only 8 people play the game, desperation will make a small library starting.

Curry has just hit a record 13 points in the third, a record NBA, the momentum of hot, but today under the defense of his brother, he has some soft. Thompson has been a few games have been in the doldrums to come forward.

Thompson after the opening hit two consecutive shots. In the Seth - Curry hit a record one-third, the Mavericks will recover after the score 7-7, Thompson began again and again succeeded in 2 minutes and 15 seconds, 4 of his 4-pointers, Green also hit three Points, the Warriors opened the gap to 26-13. Thompson hit the first section of four recorded three-pointers, one scored 18 points, the Warriors to 34-15 lead.

Stephen - Curry shot the first section only once, failed to hit a point without. Section he finally strengthen the attack, this section there are 5 minutes and 23 seconds, he hit third, Green followed by long shot succeeded, the Warriors played 8-0 to 55-25 lead by 30 points. Halftime, the Warriors to 67-36 lead.

Mavericks in the third quarter to fight back, but the Warriors are in trouble NBA 2K17 Coins. This section there are 4 minutes and 53 seconds, the small library in the third hit, the Mavericks only 56-73 behind. But Stephen - Curry in 15 seconds also to three points, the Warriors to regain the advantage of 20 points.

Warriors before this section, only 3 of 11 shots, the Mavericks played 25-9 attack wave, once the gap narrowed to 13 points. Dallas this section to 32-17 win, the first three to 68-84 at a disadvantage.

Mavericks play well in the third quarter, the game appeared a little suspense. Warriors still retain the main force in the fourth quarter, the game also 9 minutes 13 seconds, Stephen Curry hit third, the Warriors to 93-75 lead.

Stephen - Curry played less than half of this section to leave. West and Durant have "hit the third" success, McCaw one-third succeeded in the game there are 4 minutes and 50 seconds, the Warriors to 106-80 lead, the outcome has finally lost suspense.


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