[FIFA News] Agent: Guardiola is not my Toure communication

Yayatoure broker Seluk said, after the defeat of Manchester Toure Champions League squad he gave Guardiola and Beguiristain made a phone call, but the two men are not connected.

In September Seluk had publicly blasted the Guardiola and Manchester City, Guardiola said clearly, if Seluk did not apologize, then yayatoure will not get the chance to play.

This week Guardiola attended the pre match press conference when he talked about the yayatoure situation, he said: "I want to give the opportunity to believe me, Yaya, I am willing to do so, but you know what."

Seluk in the Sunday edition of the "Daily Mirror" interview on Guardiola's words to refute: "when yayatoure was excluded from the city's Champions League squad, I give PEP call, I would like to ask why he Toure defeated, but he didn't answer not to call me back.

I also called Beguiristain, he did not take it back to me. So I think the club is not in the absence of communication with me on the criticism I accepted the newspaper interview.

"I talk to pep and respect, but you must show your respect to others.

"I gave him a call before city and Barcelona. I'd like to ask him if we can talk about him at Barcelona.

"I gave Beguiristain a call, but I still haven't received any reply. I also sent them a message, but also did not receive a reply.

"I said there is a call for the record."

Seluk insisted that he had no reason to apologize: "why should I apologize? I didn't do anything wrong. I just told you the truth!

"My idea is a face-to-face dialogue between man, to find what is the Manchester City and yayatoure most favorable solutions.

"But I get silence is not to respond, so everything is now clear ah, everyone knows that the PEP did not want an apology.

"He made Mansoor and Manchester City fans go against a player who loves the club.

"He allowed his decision to make this conceit, Manchester City is not the best.

"I know what is his problem, then forced pep yayatoure to leave Barcelona when I had criticized him.

"This is his revenge, this is his personal purpose of the practice, this is not a career.

"This year I asked Manchester, I asked whether they want yayatoure to leave, but the player told yayatoure he was still in the team's plan.

"Obviously this is not the case, I think the plan is to humiliate yayatoure."

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