[FIFA News] American college football's highest personal honor - the Hayman prize in New York

December 11, the highest honor of American college football - Heisman Award, announced in New York. From the University of Louisville sophomore quarterback Lamar - Jackson, beat Clemson University third-quarter quarterback Shaun - Watson, and Oklahoma University's third-year quarterback Baker - Mayfield, was successfully elected.


In the beginning of college football this year, Lamar - Jackson's name for most fans and the media is also very strange, after all, he was just this year, took the main location of the University of Louisville. In the pre-season, but also the school's publicity, only to let the public know him. But in the first game of the season, in the face of Charlotte University, Jackson, with only three sections of time to get the belt to get the 8 touchdowns array. Then in the second game, he faced the University of Syracuse and hit a 600 yards 5 touchdowns data.

The strength of these two teams may not be compared with the wealthy Louisville, if the performance of these two also because of the strength of opponents and let Jackson's data by the water questioned, then the third game of the season, On the then ranked second in the country, generally considered more powerful than Louisville Florida, Jackson once again hit a staggering data in the three time to get the 362 yards 5 touchdowns, the team eventually to 63-20 Of the score easily bloodbath opponents.

In the first month of the season, Jackson's performance seemed to make the Heisman prize seem lost. But such a brave performance did not extend to the end of the season. Louisville lost the last two regular-season games, Jackson also in the two games in general, so that other candidates, such as pre-season hot Watson and Mayfield, and the University of Oklahoma's four Grade outside took over - Westbrook, University of Michigan's all-around linebacker Gabriel - Peiper has narrowed the gap.


But ultimately proved that in the eyes of the judges or they are still a gap with Jackson. Jackson received a 2144 vote score, the second Watson has 1524 points, while the other few scores are not more than 400. Jackson's 2144 points, reaching a perfect score of 79.5%, is the past 50 years, the fifth high score, we can see he eventually has an overwhelming advantage.

From the data point of view, Jackson's election is well deserved. He came in with a 3-for-8 shooting (8th in the nation, 11th in the country) with an average of 8.9 yards per shot. In addition, as a pass-and-run all-around quarterback, he has 234 red balls to get 1538 yards (quarterback in the national first, count the other position of the national 8) 21 touchdowns (fourth in the country) . This data allows him to become former Texas A & M University quarterback Johnny - Manzier (2012), the history of the second pass 3000 yards, 1000 yards rushed the ball Heisman Award winner. To today he was only 19 years 337 days, with 5 days of weak advantage over 2013 Florida big quarterback, is now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers headed star Demis - Winston, is Heisman Award the youngest winner in history. In addition, he is the history of the University of Louisville, the first player to receive this award.


As a symbol of the nation's finest college football players, the Heisman Prize has been around for more than 80 years. Its selection by the sports media journalists, prizes before the winner, and the fans to vote in three parts. The selection of awards in college football, just as the Golden Globe of football, as throughout the season is a hot topic. However, in the last 20 years, the Heisman Award for another reason to attract more speculation, be Heismann curse. This is mainly due to the fact that in the past 20 years, a considerable number of Hirschman Award winners, their university team will lose in the next year's bowl game, or even the national finals. For the nine years from 2000 to 08, the team that won the Heisman Prize was 2 wins and 7 losses in the next round, with six teams losing the National Finals. However, this spell has been mentioned in recent years less, from 2009 to last season, the Heisman winning team in the next bowl or the playoffs, a total of only lost 1 time.

Moreover, especially the quarterback as the most serious, many of the winners in the NFL career after the not very successful. Since 2000, the first round of the NFL draft was selected Heisman Award-winning quarterback, with Carson - Palmer, Matt - Linnalte, Tim - Thibaud, Sam - Bula Defoe, Kam - Newton, Robert - Griffin III, Manzier, Winston and Marcus - Mariotta. These people, in addition to just last year, NFL Winston and Mario Tower, career is difficult to define, I am afraid that only Newton fairly successful, Palmer is only in the years did not meet expectations, in his career before playing High light performance.

College football in the technical and tactical, especially tactical aspects, and professional football has a big difference, and this distinction, which is reflected in the use of the quarterback is the most obvious. So for the quarterback, even with a very successful university career, can not guarantee in the professional arena will certainly be able to succeed. Heisman voters, the vote may be more based on popularity, but for the NFL scouts and coaches, you need to carefully watch the players video and data, to make a conclusion. Jackson is only the second grade this year, from the draft at least a year's time, but from his performance this season, his physical fitness, play, for scouts and coaches, it may be more suitable for professional stadium Playing outside, not quarterback. If you want to become an NFL-level quarterback, he also in the next year or two years, continue to improve their passing level.

In summary, may be college football and NFL between the technical and tactical gap, resulting in more than the Heisman quarterback, it is difficult to play in the NFL in line with the expected performance. However, Winston and Mariotta, in the past two years of occupation career, played the headed quarterback performance, in the future, the debate on the Heisman curse may be less and less. Also hope that Jackson and several other selected this year, the final list of players selected, the future can have a successful career.