[FIFA News] Ancelotti is still optimistic about Messi C Luo

Bayern Munich coach Ancelotti made it clear that those who are eager to win the Golden Globes of the top players, I am afraid to have to continue to wait, because Messi over the past 9 years, C Lo dominated the Golden Globe rotation situation, at least will Continuous "2, 3 years" time.

Local time this week, Real Madrid striker C Luo was "French football" magazine named the European Golden Globe for the year 2016, this is the 31-year-old Portuguese international fourth time the honor in the bag. The Barcelona star Lionel Messi is more vigorous, the 29-year-old Argentine star, has been named the Golden Globe 5 times. In short, in the past nine years, the Golden Globe has been Messi, C Luo jointly dominated.

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Real Madrid Bell, Barcelona Nei Maer, Atletico Madrid Atletico Madrid, Manchester United's Bogba, Bayern's Lewandowski is undoubtedly the best players in today's international football, they are also Golden Globe Potential competitors, but today, these relatively young players are still not able to Messi, C Luo, "the next" Golden Globe Award throne.

In an interview with the Spanish "Aspen" reporter interview, Ancelotti made it clear that Messi, C Lo jointly hold the Golden Globe Award situation, I am afraid will continue, the other star in order to obtain this award, it must be at least With the team to win the Champions League this level of heavyweight honor.

Ancelotti said: "In the next two to three years, C Lo is still very promising to win the Golden Globe, Messi, of course, is the same as the other players, for example, Lewandowski it, Will have to wait for a period of time, of course, the Bayern team will help Lewandowski, only as much as possible to win the trophy, he had the opportunity to get the Golden Globe.

For C Luo, 2016 is undoubtedly very great, in this year, he won with Real Madrid together the Champions League big ear cup, in addition to the Portuguese national team won the European Cup. Therefore, in Ancelotti view, C Luo won this year's European Golden Globe, is a "very logical" results.

Ancelotti said: "I always think, C Lo won the Golden Globe, is a well-deserved, popular results, because he won the Champions League and the European Cup champion.No doubt, in the past year , C Ronaldo than any other football player to do even better, so he eventually won the Golden Globe, is a logical result.

Ancelotti added that in recent years C Luo from a winger gradually transformed into a purely restricted area scorer, such a change in position, will allow the Portuguese international in the next 3, 4 years is still able to remain in the Very high standards above. Ancelotti said: "C Luo's peak in the end can still maintain how long, I can not assert now, but I do not think the current C Lo old age, he changed to play center, the impact of his age Become smaller. "

"Now C is always more in the middle of the road, in the next few years, I think he should reduce the number of retreat the ball, should reduce the responsibility of the team in-line attack, the only way he can concentrate on playing the door I firmly believe that if C Luo to make such a change, then his peak state, at least three or four years to maintain the time.