[FIFA News] Arsenal at Emirates Stadium 3-1 Lectra Bournemouth start just 15 minutes Debussy will su

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger made it clear that the team right defender Debussy's injury is very serious, and Giroux tendons there are some hidden dangers.


In a local Premier League this week, Arsenal in the Emirates 3-1 Lectra Bournemouth, is serving Debussy starting debut, this is the French defender this season for the gunmen to play the first Game, but also his first time in a year for the team in the race in the first battle. However, just after the start of the game 15 minutes, Debussy will be suspected tendon strain, then he was Brazilian defender Gabriel - Paulista replaced end. It is noteworthy that, in August this year, Debu Xi calf injuries, he had just returned from injury will once again wounded.

In the press conference after the game Wenger made it clear that, although still can not give the specific circumstances of Debu Xi injury, but he is very worried that the French defender again seriously injured. Wenger said: "It seems that Debu Xi's injury is not light, then I have to communicate with the club medical team in order to understand his specific situation.48 hours after we can get the exact answer.Under normal circumstances, 48 hours later, Debussy will undergo MRI, then we will be able to really figure out his injury.

But the French striker once said that his tendon is very painful, Wenger for his compatriots striker is equally worried: "We are still waiting for Giroux physical examination results in the bench just after the debut , Giroux told me that his tendons hurt, but now the team is not clear about his specific situation .I hope Giroux injury is not heavy, with the game, he said his pain disappeared, Let us see hope. "

For Debussy, 2016 is undoubtedly very unlucky: the vast majority of the time this year, he has been in the fight against injuries. Recently Debussy has just recovered from injury, just Arsenal main right-back Bella Lin also ankle injury, Debussy and so easy to hit the main opportunity, but he kicked 15 minutes to leave because of injury. In order to obtain a more stable appearance opportunities, in January this year, Debussy to lease the way to join the French giants Bordeaux, since November last year, the game against Bournemouth, is his first year on behalf of Arsenal Made into battle. As the thigh hurt, Debussy failed to represent the French national team in the European Cup in 2016, in August this year, his leg has a problem, has been sidelined.

Wenger made it clear that he was very reluctant to see the results of serious injuries to Debussy again, in the British "Sky Sports" reporter interview, the professor said: "If you see Debussy for the football industry to pay the hard sweat , And his loyalty to the club, you will feel sorry for him.De BusyIn Arsenal locker room is very important, we are praying for him.In fact, the recent state of Debussy is very good, the game He did not play well, but the injury caused him to have to leave after 15 minutes.

In the previous two games, Arsene Wenger arranged Jenkinson to play the main right-back, although the professor clearly Debu Xi risk of re-injury, but he still will Jenkinson excluded from the game's big list. In Bellein, Debussy has been injured, Wenger made it clear that, if necessary, Paulista and Coquelin can be temporarily changed to play right back.

Wenger said: "I thought before the game, Debussy may be re-injured, but Arsenal has a Kuikui Lin array of such a versatile player, before he played the right back position, and performed well. The campaign I chose to arrange Paulista debut, he is a purely defender, and fast.It turns out, Paulista is fully capable of right-back position, in fact, he played in Villarreal 2,3 times left-back, frankly, I just saw Paulista played 1 right-back, but the game he did a very good job.