[FIFA News] Atletico Madrid 2-0 lock group header lattice transmission Gamero break

2016-17 season Champions League group D group 5, Atletico Madrid home 2-0 win over Eindhoven, ahead of a lock the group first name. Geli Zeman transmission, Gamero break.

Compared with the Madrid derby last weekend, Atletico Madrid's starting there are four adjustments, Jimenez, Foussalic, Tiago and Gamero played.

欧冠-马竞2-0锁小组头名 格子传射加梅罗破门

8 minutes, Carrasco vigorously pass the ball to the restricted area in front of the door, Gamero small restricted area near the center of the door is not playing, missed an excellent opportunity. Subsequently, Cork header ferry, Greitzmann restricted right foot volley within a slight deviation.

The first 12 minutes, Gaddi hanging free kick to the restricted area, unmarked Godin shakes the door, but the top is too positive, Zot fell to the ground Puzhu the ball.

The first 18 minutes, PSV Eindhoven play fast counterattack, Bogweimi oblique plug gap, Pereiro single-shot reached the restricted area of ​​the Gongmen hit too much, Obrak will get the ball.

The first 26 minutes, Williams and the goalkeeper Zott collided with the ground, the Dutch defender a brief loss of consciousness, but fortunately he slowed down and re-enter the game.

47 minutes, Kirk pass, Gamero on the right into the restricted area of ​​the Gongmen was back defender defended the bottom line. 50 minutes, Cork corner open to the restricted area, Xi Mennes leaping high leap Gongmen, Jia Mero in front did not hit the top, the ball wipe column out of the bottom line!

The first 55 minutes, Geli Zi Manmi plug neutral, Garmo restricted the right side of his right foot low shot, the ball hit the left column inside the broken network, 1-0! This is Gamero sixth ball of the season, which Champions League first ball.

66 minutes, Tiago frontcourt off the ball sent Zhise, Schwab steals not kicked, Geli Ziman left foot low shot within the restricted area, the ball fleeing from the near corner, 2-0! This is Greerzmann this season, 9 balls, including the Champions League third ball.

The first 73 minutes, Cork corner open to the restricted area, Gameluo grab the former point shakes the door, the ball slightly back to change the head rub head, the ball hit the crossbar pop!

Atletico Madrid at home today to play very momentum, the team needs to get a victory to enhance morale. Data point of view, Atletico Madrid shot 11 to 4, shot 5 to 2, the ball was 58.2%. Offensive line Geliziman and Gamero has a decent state.

Appearance lineup

Atletico Madrid (442):

Goalkeeper: 13 - Oblac

Defenders: 16-Fossalico, 2-Godin, 24-Jimenez, 3- Felipe (20-Juanfran 76 ')

Midfielder: 6 - Cork, 5 - Tiago (8 - Saou 76 '), 14 - Gabi, 10 - Carrasco

Striker: 7 - Geli Ziman, 21 - Gamero

Eindhoven (442):

Goalkeeper: 1 - Zoeter

Guard: 4 Arias, 2-meter forest, 3 - Ecuador - Moreno, 15 - Williams (30 - Devi Si 46 ')

Midfielder: 25-Zinchenko, 5-Schwab, 6-Prope (38-Lundquist 84 '), 23 - Ramsey

Striker: 7 - Pereiro, 27 - Borgwein (11 - Nelsinger 61 ')