[FIFA News] Barcelona away 1-1 tough draw against Real Madrid Real Madrid 6 points behind leader

La Liga 13th round, the Barcelona 1-1 draw away the Royal Society, the league two even flat, behind the leader Real Madrid 6 points, the next round of Real Madrid will play at home. Mascherano errors, the home team arrow William - Jose the first record, Nei Maer assists Messi equalized the score, Bella hit the post two times in a row, Hu M scored the ball is invalid.

西甲-巴萨1-1落后皇马6分 梅西追平门柱救险

Barcelona nearly four times the league and the Royal League soccer total defeat, the league battle for six consecutive victorious community, the last win in 2007 or 2-0, after a lapse of 3439 days. Enrique enabled all the main, MSN led the first battle, the battle lineup and the week against the Celtics a war is exactly the same, Vidal family leave, Umtiti, Mathieu and Turan sidelined.

Opening 2 minutes, Sulutu Sa header in front of the header was Terstgen confiscated. The first 15 minutes, William - Jose left-wing biography, Harvey - Prieto headed the ball top, Tirsch root ball press. 3 minutes later, Oyasabal under the end of the pass, Harvey - Prieto out of the top of the column outside the column bounce ball. The first 20 minutes, Bella low shot far right corner of the restricted area a little wide.

Ter Stirgen interference with the home team penalty kick, was booked. The first 21 minutes, Inigo - Martinez on the right front of the cold shot, did not cross the goalkeeper fingers off. Alva collided with Bella pain fell to the ground, but simple to continue after the game. The first 36 minutes, Peek siege around not far from the area, Oyasabal ejection outside the box.

Peake at the bottom line at the destruction of Oya Sawar assault also injured, but also went back to the venue to continue. The first 42 minutes, Suarez before the field after the ball turned off the ball shot wide of the ball to complete the first goal of the campaign Barcelona shot. The first 50 minutes, Nei Maer kicked the restricted area before the free kick, kicked directly from the foot shot near corner, goalkeeper Ruffy flying the ball saved.

54 minutes, Bella closed behind the restricted area Mascherano, Barcelona Zhongwei poke the ball mistakes, Bella steals a small restricted area before the fire, was attacked Terschgen saved, the home team's top scorer William - Jose Header blank range, Pick line before the siege did not succeed, 1-0. Brazil striker La Liga career played two Barcelona are broke, this season home league into 6 goals, more than 5 goals of the Atletico Karasco, La Liga home goal is the most players.

The first 59 minutes, Nei Maer left-wing break after the two restricted area left ribs inverted triangle knock back, Messi penalty point next to the low shot into the bottom right corner, 1-1. Messi events nearly 7 shots into the 5 ball, the league 10 times to break the imperial family goal, the Basque team to become the 19th career goals in his league more than 10 goals opponents. Messi Primera Division 200 career break, the first person in history.

Barcelona League war and the Royal Society for 293 minutes without scoring record, this ancient. The first 74 minutes, Messi Road, blocked, Nei Maer closed area near the line from the foot shot hit high. The first 76 minutes, Bella closed outside the pocket shot in the beam, Juan meters in front of blank range, but was sentenced offside, the penalty is controversial, slow motion shows Juan meters not offside.

81 minutes, Messi Road, after crossing the ramp, Dennis - Suarez wade through the goalkeeper Tuishe was Ilya Mendy siege, Nei Maer right-sided corner pass, Mascherano shakes head out slightly far angle. The first 83 minutes, Bella arc top left foot pocket in the left column shot. After 2007, Barcelona for nine consecutive years of war in the league. Next round Barcelona home Real Madrid, which is in December 2003, Real Madrid 13 years for the first time with a 6-point advantage to the Nou Camp.

Appearance lineup

Royal Society (4-3-3): Rulli; Carlos Martinez, Raúl-Navas, Inigo Martínez, Yuri; Harvey-Prieto (72 'Canales ), Ilya Ramandy, Sulutusa; Bella, William - Jose (75 'Juan meters), Oyasabal (85' Granero)

Sergio Roberto, Pique, Javier Mascherano, Alva; Busquets, Rakitic (46 'Dennis Suarez (4-3-3) ), Andre - Gomez; Messi, Suarez, Nei Maer