[FIFA News] Bayern home 1-0 revenge Atletico Levantovsky free-kick network

2016-17 season Champions League Group D final round, Bayern home 1-0 revenge Atletico, Lewandowski free-kick nets. The two teams eventually qualify.

Compared with the league last weekend, Bayern starting with five adjustments, Rafinha, Bernard, Vidal, Douglas - Costa and Renato - Sanchez played. Atletico side, Greitzman and Carrasco partner striker.

The first 10 minutes, Gleizman Miaose, Carasco hinted into the restricted area left foot low shot, Neuer sealed the ball.

16 minutes, Lucas left two defensive players in the pass, unmarked Karasco left foot homeopathic fire before the point, Neuer will get the ball.

The first 19 minutes, Renato - Sanchez left steals pass, Douglas - Costa restricted shot on the left side of the small-angle shot by Oblack.

The first 28 minutes, Carasco backcourt foul, Lewandowski 25 yards free kick right foot arc ball ball, the ball hanging the door right corner, 1-0! This is Levin this season, the first five Champions League goals, nearly 24 games and the national team tournament, the Polish Shen Feng scored 24 goals.

The first 38 minutes, Rafinha pass, Douglas - Costa outside the left foot shot put anti-aircraft guns. The first 48 minutes, Godin passing errors, Lewandowski steals into the restricted area, Savage timely back chasing siege.

The first 54 minutes, Renato - Sanchez pass, Robben long drive straight into the restricted area to get back defender left foot volley, the ball was denied the bottom line. The first 59 minutes, Bernard closed the left side of the strong low shot, Aubulake the ball Puzhu.

The first 73 minutes, Robben breakthrough on the right cross, Levandovski header header to the top of the ball. 77 minutes, Douglas - Costa broke the left cross, Tiago 2 meters in front of the left foot Tuishe hit the ball high!

Bayern perfect oppress Atletico at home, possession rate as high as 70.6%, although Atletico in the mobile warfare defensive have done well, but Lewandowski no solution free kick decided the war situation www.fifa14coinsok.com. The two sides shot 15 to 5, shot 4 to 3, Bayern created more scoring opportunities, and ultimately get the victory is deserved.

Appearance lineup

Bayern (433):

Goalkeeper: 1 - Neuer

Defenders: 13 - Rafinha, 5 - Hummels, 27 - Alabama, 18 - Bernard

Midfielders: 6 - Tiago, 23 - Vidal, 35 - Renato - Sanchez

Forward: 10-Robben (32-Kemic 83 '), 9-Lewandowski (25-Muller 80'), 11-Douglas-Costa (8-Martinez 87 ')

Atletico Madrid (442):

Goalkeeper: 13 - Oblac

Defenders: 16 - Foussalic, 2 - Godin, 15 - Savage, 19 - Lucas

Midfielder: 23-Gaitan (21-Gamero 60 '), 14-Gabi, 6-Cork (22-Thomas 68'), 8-Saul

Striker: 7 - Gleizman, 10 - Carrasco (11 - Correa 60 ')


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