[FIFA News] BBC combination will disintegrate

Spain's "Daily Sport newspaper" broke the news, although Real Madrid President Florentino willing to give Benzema to provide a new contract, but the French striker may not stay at the Bernabeu stadium, this is because Benzema received from the ball Team of 20 million euros annual salary of the offer.

Benzema BBC combination of Real Madrid is an important component, he and C Luo, Bell Trident has helped the Galacticos brought two Champions League big ears cup. According to statistics, since 2009 came to the Bernabeu, the Benzema played 330 times, scoring 166 goals, although the efficiency of less than C Luo, but in the limited right to fire, the contribution of a lot of Benzema. Not long ago FIFA 17 Coins, Bell and Real Madrid to 2022, and C Luo also received a contract until 2021, the two men's salary has been greatly improved, but the annual salary of Benzema is less than 10 million euros , Which will certainly make the French striker trouble some emotions.

曝中超球队2000万欧年薪挖本泽马 BBC或解体?

In accordance with the "Daily Sport newspaper" analysis, the reason why Real Madrid did not renew Benzema, mainly taking into account the current state of instability in France, and the current momentum of the rise of Morattas is very obvious, to replace the possibility of the French . In addition, Benzema has also been involved in the Wald Buena video sex extortion lawsuit, the French side has not yet made the final verdict, Real Madrid also do not want to take risks.

However, Florentino does have a renewal of Benzema's plan, after all, the French can still contribute to the team, and Zidane is in fact behind his fellow's.

Although Real Madrid may also send a new contract to Benzema, but need to point out that Benzema became the object of the Super team hunting. "Daily Sports Daily" revealed that the Chinese team out of its 20 million euros in the contract, although not sure that is the annual salary, but the current annual salary of Benzema approaching 10 million euros, the figure should be the annual salary.

If Benzema fought in the Super stadium, then the BBC combination will be disintegrated, and Molatta is a smooth gun can be in doubt.