[FIFA News] C Luo has been committed to public welfare undertakings

Real Madrid star C Luo to those who are in war in the Syrian children expressed their love and sympathy, he donated cash to help people in the Aleppo region to buy essential goods.


Over the past four years, Syrian opposition and government forces have been fighting in the Aleppo region. Local time Thursday, the armed opposition from the Aleppo region, since 2012, the Syrian government forces for the first time completely in control of the region.

In the personal Twitter account, C Lo released a video, the Portuguese star said: "I released this video, is to care for those Syrian children, the world knows that over the years they have been full I am an international football player, but in my opinion, you are the true sense of the hero. Do not lose hope, the world is with you .We all care about you I am with you all the time.

Save the Children has made it clear that to help the children of Aleppo and Syria as a whole, C Lo donated money to the urgently needed supplies of local families such as food, clothing and medicines.

"The generosity of Crow will be of great help to our work in Syria," said Nick Finney, head of the Save the Children Fund, in a news conference. "The children of Aleppo, and even the whole of Syria, "Syria 's children have been suffering incredible hardships over the past few years, and those are not what they are supposed to face at that age.

"To be sure, C Lo donation will be able to change the life of Syrian children, we are very grateful for the Portuguese star's righteous move in my opinion, C Lo is not only an international sports icon today, while he Or the beacon of hope for hundreds of millions of young men and women around the world, Syrian children are now more than ever required to light their hopes.

Aleppo region suffered from war, due to continuous street fighting and explosion, the region's medical institutions, tens of thousands of houses have been unable to normal use.