[FIFA News] Gullit: Costa creates space for his teammates and wants to play with him.

Chelsea said he would be playing Gullit, Costa and Diego are willing to fight, he believes that "a handful of players like Costa".

Costa scored the winning goal in Chelsea 2-0's victory over Southampton, his fortieth Premier League goal since the Premier League was formed, and he is the sixth player to achieve this success.

"His efforts to open space for you," Goullet "in the game today" said: "if you are a striker, you know when he is on the right, you can go to the left, because he can attract everyone's attention. He's one of the few in the football world, and I want to play with him like this."

The former Irish international Kibane and Ruud Gullit together "today" a game, he told Costa without the ball impressed.

"Sometimes we feel like a striker has too little to get the ball in the penalty area, and we are going to criticize him. But Costa is still in the impact of the game without the ball, he ran away from the Van Dyk, to create a space for Pedro. So you can know why Chelsea's players like Costa, as long as the space, he will be able to create opportunities for themselves.

"Everything he does has a real purpose. After losing the ball, he wants to be the first one to get the ball back."

"Chelsea is now the momentum let them win over Southampton in their ranking post game when it's not common."

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