[FIFA News] Gunmen victory Manchester United Barcelona 1-1 Juventus upset defeat

2016-17 season 13th round of the Premiership Harding Park, Southampton 1-0 beat Everton, nearly five first win, Austin opening 41 seconds blitz; 10 Waterford home 0-1 Stoke City, goalkeeper Gomez self-pendulum. Arsenal 3-1 Bournemouth, Manchester United 1-1 West Ham United. La Liga, the Primera Liga 13 rounds before the end of the first nine games, Villarreal home upset two goals lost to newly promoted Alaves, Celta beat Granada won the home 5-game winning streak, Sevilla 2- 1 win over Valencia, integral tied Barcelona (official website data), Atletico concluding two-game losing streak, Málaga same home 5 straight, Barcelona 1-1 draw with the Royal Society. Serie A side, 2016-17 Serie A season, the first 14 rounds battle more than strike. Juventus 1 to 3 upset defeat to Genoa, but still lead the standings. AC Milan 4 to 1 victory over Empoli, Rome 3 to 2 victory over Pescara. In addition, Lazio, Turin, Cagliari, Atlanta also each won.

综述-枪手大胜曼联巴萨皆1-1 尤文爆冷完败

Arsenal 3-1 Bournemouth

The first 2 minutes, Sanchez ball, Chamberlain left follow-up low-pass restricted area, Ozil homeopathic Tuishe was Federer denied. Then Bournemouth played a quick counterattack, Adam Smith before the restricted area try long-range missed.

The first 12 minutes, Cook returned directly to the error Sanchez, Sang God calmly wade through the attack of Federer easily sent the ball into the net, 1-0! This is Sanchez this season, the first seven league goals.

The first 16 minutes, Arsenal passive substitutions, Gabriel for Derbysch, the French right back after a lapse of 370 days to return to first, but only played 16 minutes to leave due to injury.

23 minutes, Monreal hit Wilson foul inside the restricted area, the referee produced a yellow card and whistled for a penalty kick, Wilson penalty kick cheated Cech into the opposite direction, 1-1! This is Wilson this season, the first four league goals.

The first 28 minutes, about Shuya - gold pass, Brad - Smith restricted the left side of the small-angle Gongmen, Cech closed the ball the bottom line. The first 37 minutes, Elenei grab the right foot strong field before the long-range, but the ball hit high.

The first half stoppage time 3 minutes, Ozil pass, Sanchez closed the right side of the small angle shot, the ball hit the crossbar pop!

The first 54 minutes, Ozil restricted area on the right side of the continuous falsely out of the pass, Aker header rub a bit, far from the first point of the ball Mengyaler pad to the door, Walcott leaping high header Break, 2-1! This is Walcott's first seven league goals this season, the cradle of the small tiger celebrate the goal will be given to his newborn son.

The first 77 minutes, Bournemouth out the right corner, Francis nodded the ball before rubbing, Afby in front of homeopathic fire, Cech door line denied the ball! The first 86 minutes, Ernesti rub, Giroux chest to do the ball, Ramsay's volley was defender denied the bottom line.

The first 91 minutes, Arsenal play fast counter, Ozil Zhise, Giroux inverted triangle back line, Sanchez in front of easily outflank break, 3-1! Sanchez scored twice!

Manchester United 1-1 West Ham United

Opening just 1 minute and 30 seconds, Paye on the right free kick pass, Sacco Qiangdian header headed home, West Ham United 1 to 0 lead Manchester United. This is Manchester United's second fastest home history in the Premiership clean sheet.

The first 15 minutes, Ibrahimovic cross from the left, Mata closed the middle of the shot was goalkeeper Puzhu. The game's first 21 minutes, Bogba Road sent a wonderful pick, Ibrahimovic back header hit the bottom left corner, Manchester United will score at 1 to 1 level. Ibrahimovic this season, the first seven league goals, the last two rounds are harvested three goals.

34 minutes, Mata cross from the right, Ibrahimovic line near the header ferry, Linda close up the volley pad shot hit fly. A minute later, Antonio continuous long-range, the ball just wide of the right goal post. The first 36 minutes, Rushford was a great opportunity to single-pole, but his goalkeeper Tuishe with the legs blocked.

The first 44 minutes, Mata cross from the left, Ibrahimovic's header Gongmen slightly wide of the right post. A minute later, Rushford sent a pass, Ibrahimovic restricted the right side of the Gongmen been blocked. The first half stoppage time, Rojo handball inadvertently restricted area, but the referee did not penalty kick. Then Manchester United fight back to get the opportunity, Lin Jade shot into the restricted area by goalkeeper brave saved the bottom line.

The first 53 minutes, Paci on the right corner kick, Sacco header slightly higher than the bar. Two minutes later, the right hand free kick Paer suddenly kicker, the ball was Degea hand care beam. The first 65 minutes, Manchester United with Rooney and Muhtarliang replaced Rushford and Mata.

68 minutes, Lingard, Ibrahimovic made a short triangle, Rooney's goalkeeper flapping was Puzhu. The first 74 minutes, Muhtaran turn within the restricted area of ​​the volley was blocked, the top of the Lingjia Ji and then shot by goalkeeper Dangxia. 77 minutes, Muhtaran Road closed the door hit the left goal post, Lingard blank range succeeded, but the assistant referee signaled offside in the advanced ball is invalid.

78 minutes, Muhtarlane back to knock back, Borgba's long-range goalkeeper saved the bottom line. The first 83 minutes, Collins header return error, Ibrahimovic past goalkeeper, but the ball was up against the Kuate rescue. The first 87 minutes, Antonio on the right biography, Ashley - Fletcher's attack was sealed Degea. In the end, Manchester United 1 to 1 West Ham United.

Royal Society 1-1 Barcelona

Opening 2 minutes, Sulutu Sa header in front of the header was Terstgen confiscated. 15 minutes, William - Jose left-wing biography, Harvey (data) (data) - Prieto header headed, Tirstgen pressed the ball. 3 minutes later, Oyasabal under the end of the pass, Harvey - Prieto out of the top of the column outside the column bounce ball. The first 20 minutes, Bella low shot far right corner of the restricted area a little wide.

Ter Stirgen interference with the home team penalty kick, was booked. The first 21 minutes, Inigo - Martinez on the right front of the cold shot, did not cross the goalkeeper fingers off. Alva collided with Bella pain fell to the ground, but simple to continue after the game. The first 36 minutes, Peek siege around not far from the area, Oyasabal ejection outside the box.

Peake at the bottom line at the destruction of Oya Sawar assault also injured, but also went back to the venue to continue. The first 42 minutes, Suarez before the field after the ball turned off the ball shot wide of the ball to complete the first goal of the campaign Barcelona shot. The first 50 minutes, Nei Maer kicked the restricted area before the free kick, kicked directly from the foot shot near corner, goalkeeper Ruffy flying the ball saved.

The first 54 minutes, Bella closed behind Mascherano (data), Barca defender poke the ball, Bella steals a small restricted area before the fire, was attacked Terschgen saved, the home team's top scorer William - Jose header charge, Pick line before the siege did not succeed, 1-0. Brazil striker La Liga career played two Barcelona are broke, this season home league into 6 goals, more than 5 goals of the Atletico Karasco, La Liga home goal is the most players.

The first 59 minutes, Nei Maer left-wing break after the two restricted area left ribs inverted triangle knock back, Messi penalty point next to the low shot into the bottom right corner, 1-1. Messi events nearly 7 shots into the 5 ball, the league 10 times to break the imperial family goal, the Basque team to become the 19th career goals in his league more than 10 goals opponents. Messi Primera Division 200 career break, the first person in history.

Barcelona League war and the Royal Society for 293 minutes without scoring record, this ancient. The first 74 minutes, Messi Road, blocked, Nei Maer closed area near the line from the foot shot hit high. The first 76 minutes, Bella restricted area outside the pocket shot in the beam, Juan meters in front of the head blank range, but was sentenced to offside, the penalty is controversial.

81 minutes, Messi Road, after crossing the ramp, Dennis - Suarez wade through the goalkeeper Tuishe was Ilya Mendy siege, Nei Maer right-sided corner pass, Mascherano shakes head out slightly far angle. The first 83 minutes, Bella arc top left foot pocket in the left column shot. After 2007, Barcelona for nine consecutive years of war in the league.

Genoa 3-1 Juventus

The first 3 minutes, Bonucci backcourt errors were off, Ryani closed the front left foot low shot was Buffon brave seal, followed by Buffon has closed out Ocampos, Simoni's close range shot, Simonyi again fill Shot broke, 1 to 0! Genoa lead, Juventus nearly 8 battle 7 times clean sheet, Simonyi into nearly 7 games first ball.

The first 5 minutes, Ernanese long-range missed. The first 8 minutes, Licht Steiner on the right cross, Quadrado Road closed lane header was Palin confiscated. The first 11 minutes, Benadia rescue mistakes, but fortunately Buffon timely confiscation. The first 13 minutes, Genoa quick counterattack, Razovic on the right Xie Xie, Simonyi small restricted area header headed home broke, 2 to 0! Genoa to expand the lead, Simonyi scored twice in Serie A for the first time.

The first 23 minutes, Rashard left Xiechuan, Lin hole restricted area right foot lob higher. The first 24 minutes, Lin Kong was booked. The first 29 minutes, Simonyi header ferry, Rigoni small restricted area on the left in front of the right foot fired Leeh Steiner, the ball hit the crossbar along the sandals in the body after playing Sandro, 3-0! This is Juventus since October 2013 for the first time since Florence in Serie A lost three goals.

The first 32 minutes, Bonucci left thigh strain, was replaced by Lugani leave. The first 39 minutes, Pianic kick the front left corner free kick right foot volley shot missed. 41 minutes, Ocampos hit Manjukic, but the referee did not penalty.

The first 52 minutes, Pianic kick the right corner, Lugani header ferry, Manzukic small restricted area turned right foot shot wide. 57 minutes, Bernadia midfielder pass was cut, Rincon forward pass, Simoni single-pole into the restricted area right ribs right foot low shot was Buffon brave to block the bottom line.

The first 75 minutes, Alves injured in the scraping, was stretchers off the pitch. The first 77 minutes, Quadrado Flying shovel Rachal was booked. The first 81 minutes, Kobe hit Manzuki Kiki was booked. The first 82 minutes, Pianic kick the ball left front free kick right foot arc ball break, 3 to 1!