[FIFA News] Liverpool home 2-2 draw with West Ham from the top of the Chelsea 6 points

2016-17 Premier League season 15, Liverpool home 2-2 draw with West Ham, the Red Army from the top of the Chelsea 6 points. Larana broke, Oregon scored four consecutive games.

英超-利物浦2-2西汉姆距蓝军6分 奥里吉破门

Compared with the last round of the league, Liverpool starting lineup has two adjustments, Matip back from the replacement of Lucas and Lovren guarding the line of defense, Larana is replaced by injured Emre - Zhan and Wiener Dum and Henderson built 3 midfield systems.

5 minutes, Oregon ball, Manny left break down the bottom line back triangle, Oregon did not touch the first point before the stretch leg, La Lana near the small ball near the left foot shot low shot far corner succeeded, 1-0! This is La Lana league this season, the fourth ball, he once again after nearly three months for the Red Army scoring this season, he has been directly involved in Liverpool's nine league goals.

The first 8 minutes, Reid, after the field long pass the attack, Lovren the ball leaked in the past, Antonio restricted area on the right side of the kick shot, Carrius will rub the ball out of the bottom line.

27 minutes, pull Rana backcourt foul, Palmer 25 yards free kick right foot inside the Cuochu beautiful arc, the ball around the wall went straight to the lower left corner of the door, Carrius flashed touched, but difficult Prevent the ball into the net, 1-1! This is Pae this season, the first two league goals, since last season, Payer has three direct free kick net, the highest Premier League.

The first 34 minutes, Milner left corner kick out, grab the first point of Matip grabbed the door, the ball a little wide of the bottom line. The first 37 minutes, Mani ball, Phil Migno big restricted online strong low shot, the ball wipe out the column.

39 minutes, Nordwitte long transfer, Henderson leaps up a bit high ball bounce, Matipu to determine the placement error ball fell behind him, Antonio single-faced attack Carrius cool pick Shot broke, 1-2! West Ham will go-ahead score! This is Antonio this season, the league's seventh ball, but also his first non-heading goal.

The first half stoppage time, Henderson corner before the point, Matip beautiful leaning Shuaitou Gong, the ball hit the beam pop up! Mani follow-up shot hit the ball to fly.

The first 48 minutes, Mane left out of turn, Randolph catch the ball to sell, keep the door in front of Oregon hit the empty door, the ball hit the inside of the column broken network, 2-2! Oregon scored in four consecutive games.

The first 50 minutes, Mani large restricted line with super personal ability to get rid of defensive stabbed pass, Vernal Dum vigorously low shot just a little wide. 62 minutes, Werner Dum left the ball within the restricted area of ​​the right foot shot low angle, the ball slide out.

The first 68 minutes, pull the right side of the road plug in the cross, Werner Dum Road, pull the ball turned away from the left foot Gongmen, the ball was back to the defense of Nordvitt denied. The first 70 minutes, Henderson, 25 yards outside the right foot rub heavily, the ball in the air to draw an arc, Randolph to make a good save!

Although Liverpool scored two goals today, but in the absence of Kudiniao, the Red Army's attack less than ever before. And Liverpool defensive line once again exposed the problem, whether it is Karrius's bold attack or Mathip's judgment, let Kelu Pu feel helpless. Data, Liverpool shot 18 to 7 today, shooting 3 to 3, possession rate of 68.3%, the Red Army failed to seize the opportunity to grab three points at home, and Chelsea's points difference has further widened.

Appearance lineup

Liverpool (433):

Goalkeeper: 1- Carius

Defenders: 2-Klein, 32-Matip, 6-Lovren (17-Kravan 46 '), 7-Milner

Midfielder: 14 - Henderson, 5 - Vinaldum, 20 - Lalana

Striker: 19 - Mane, 27 - Oregon, 11 - Philomena

West Ham United (3421):

Goalkeeper: 1 - Randolph

Defender: 4-Nordvitt, 2- Reid, 21-Ao Bonner
Midfielder: 20 - Andre - A You (9 - Carroll 62 '), 16 - Nobel, 14 - Obiang, 3 - Creswell

Frontal: 10 - Ranzini (31 - Fernandez 78 '), 27 - Payer

Striker: 30 - Antonio