[FIFA News] Manchester City official confirmed midfielder Jingduan An right knee cruciate ligament t

Most in need of manpower, Manchester City official confirmed that this summer to join the main midfielder Jingduan An right knee cruciate ligament tear, will undergo surgery. Beijing is expected to overhaul a few months, not to mention the Christmas schedule is not expected, the media reports have been generally asserted: season reimbursement.

曼城唯一成功引援报销 瓜帅2亿烧得差穆帅太远

An injury, which means Guardiola signings this summer, the largest contribution to the largest number of people down, leads to the problem is that Guaxian this summer after taking over the signings investment of more than 200 million euros (177 million pounds), played a How much effect?

New aid is far more than meritorious service

Another 10 signings, sent to the use of four: Bravo, Stones, Sane and Noritto. Gabriel Jessus has been reported, perhaps the first show this month. The Guardiola to give up or idle, and even sell with the release, there are more than a dozen number of loans, mainly Demichelis, Nasri, Mangara, Boni and Hart, Mangala and Nas The two French people either do not meet the taste of Guardiola, or poor health, the external borrowing for the price to put it justified, but Hart went to Turin, the most controversial, in particular, and to replace his Bravo, Grievances even more.

New head of the office, in addition to the old welcome is the norm. Guardiola braved the first handsome football aura, employing and supervising the war are concerned about the recent three rounds of two games defeat, there have been such a major tragedy, Chelsea was thrown down the top seven points to win the prospect of a sudden bleak, "Thames "Guardianao Guardiola should be aware of their burden is not light, right? Traced Guardiola play is appropriate for the Premiership, less than the time. Phil Neville, who defended him on the BBC Day Game, said: "We are all looking forward to bringing a new concept to the Premiership, and now (because of a temporary low tide) to death him, what does that mean?"

But Manchester City continuous defeated, if not Guardiola thinking, then one of the major reasons is the player must not perform, if not in place, then let Guardiola signings decision has become the target of the outside world questioned. Even if we can not conclude that Guardiola signings may not be law, at least for the current new aid to give the impression of the general: Gauthoven is the only pallets match; Nuoli Tuo barely qualified; Sane played little, location Erratic, four winger formation in parallel winger in the formation of parallel three guards in the wing Wei has become, but also in the Nuolituo under, but not yet clear errors lead to conceded goals; Bravo and Stones do not To the expected, to lose more points and lose responsibility.

The success or failure of the coach no more than two points: the results first, second scene. These two can pass the assessment, depending on his talent before the eyes, Guardiola investment 200 million, the return is less than half of this number, although the outside world there is not enough evidence that Guardiola's people and employers are not allowed , At least is not allowed more.

Manchester City did not buy the most needed people

Jing Duoan play well, but the perennial glass reputation, this summer, or hurt to join, Guardiola know very well. Guaxian suffered injuries in Bayern suffered, still handpicked to sign the German international, then it is not accidental injury, it is not entirely attributed to luck.

Guardiola adhere to the ball in the foot, from the backcourt group advance, front positive penetration, all with the shadow of the former Barcelona. Also based on this idea, Staunton and Bravo is his two important pieces, it is precisely the two men are not live up to expectations, the state and play to give.

Stoner's mistakes led to two direct conceding, one against the Southampton return did not intercept the other Redmond; the other is a guest Leicester City, Waldie intercepted back pass. Redmond's goal to Manchester City lost 2 points, Valdie's goal has not affect the overall situation, Manchester City in the remaining time only to recover two. But Stones disappointing, not just two conceded, he repeatedly in the backcourt easily rivals the ball, some mistakes eventually lead to lose the ball, such as the Champions League away to play Borussia, and some lucky no trouble, such as Against Chelsea by Diego Costa bottom line steals. Again and again the emergence of the same mistakes in nature, you can not help but ask: This is the capacity of poor Stones? Or the coach's arrangements wrong?

Bravo in the Premiership starting 13 times, the Champions League 4 times, only 4 times zero closure, from November until this week against Watford, each round of the Premiership at least throw a ball in the Champions League, the first round after the fight against Borussia Not a zero closure. Loss from the start of Tottenham, Bravo need to make the save much, averaging about 4 times, a lot of screenings also hit the opponents range 1 goal is harvested. No matter how good your footwork, fighting a non-compliance is difficult to forgive. Look at the opponent did not hit the goal shot, often three or four times as much, slightly improve the shooting efficiency can make Manchester City lose points more serious.

Defense two core players so much mistakes, but also in the basic skills can not be done, Guardiola can not be "I do not pay attention to tackle and block" such an excuse to prevaricate. Guardiola does not like the physical confrontation is the truth, he took Barcelona, ​​the number of quarterly interception decline year after year, one year in the Spanish penultimate column, but Barcelona in that year took the team history of the first four Champions League. Manchester City's new aid for the team to do much contribution? Not much, Nuolituo and Jingduan the 6 goals and 5 goals, respectively, 4 assists and 2 times, the vast majority of output from the players before joining, that he smashed two hundred million people to buy is actually Manchester City Do not need someone.

In the much-needed reinforcements and center frontier two departments, Manchester City is not qualified spare tire, Aguero a stop, the front line is almost discontinued. If the side is effective, Manchester City, there is no need to change the system in the last month with three back. And change the effect of playing three-guard, but also because the Stones is not up to standard, quite unsatisfactory. There are half a month to open the winter window, Guardiola can complement the lineup, will affect Manchester City in the second half of the season to play.

Dec 17, 2016