[FIFA News] Manchester United 7 will be short of war or Arsenal Ibrahimovic suspended Rooney to be d

The 12th round of the Premier League, Manchester United will face Arsenal at Old Trafford, although Jose Mourinho's team sitting at home advantage, but in accordance with the "Daily Telegraph" argument, Manchester United may have as much as 7 players can not play the game, respectively Rooney, Bailey, Smolin, Ibrahimovic, Luke - Shaw, Valencia and Feleni, it is worth mentioning that these seven are not the Manchester United edge people.

After the first 11 rounds of the Premiership, Manchester United made 5 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses record, now get 18 points behind the top of Liverpool (data) 8 points behind the current round of opponents Arsenal 6 points, in any case, Do not want to lose this powerful dialogue, otherwise, his team will fall behind in the Premier League championship.

"Daily Telegraph" has pointed out that although the war around the corner, but Mourinho's under the command but not many players can be sent, it is because the team suffered injury tide. Some of the players were affected by the FIFA virus, some players in the national team before the game day injury, there are Ibrahimovic such suspension.

At least in the defense, Manchester United manager Mourinho is unable to send the strongest team. Earlier this week, Bailey has been in the sidelines, and Smolen toes injured, may truce for a month's time, the main right-back Valencia shoulder injury, is still recovering, and Luke - Shaw basic "Daily Watch" In the weekend can determine whether the debut. Two defender, two full-back, Mike Mussina of the basic defense of a back injury, the face of powerful attack Arsenal, Manchester United fear is difficult to deal with FIFA 17 Points. Not surprisingly, Damien, Blinder, Jones and Rojo will get the opportunity to play, but the basic four had little played together, Manchester United's defense faces challenges.

Midfield, the injured is Feleni, in the last round of Premier League against Swansea game, the Belgian international has been injured, but he was selected for the national team, but Feleni did not play during the training, and now has Returned to Manchester, he will undergo further examination.

Strike, the current knee injury by Wayne Rooney, only 60% of the opportunity to play Arsenal. Ibrahimovic is in the game against Swansea to eat, in the face of Arsenal, the Swede will be suspended, the same can not be played.

With the Manchester United situation is different, Arsenal side is a strong, Wenger can send the strongest lineup, although Sanchez had injuries, but he took part in the game against Chile Uruguay, gunmen Fengba also scored twice, The state is very good.