[FIFA News] Manchester United double the weekly salary to drop Kane 5,000 pounds transfer fee

From the British squawka website news, in view of Tottenham and Kane contract work stalled to Manchester United led by a group of European giants this eyeing, Mourinho's team is willing to come up with 15 million pounds to lure The young man joined England.

Currently, Tottenham and Kane's contract expires in 2020, but his weekly salary is only 6 million pounds, including the basic salary of 3.5 million pounds, which is clearly inconsistent with the current status of Kane. Allegedly, Tottenham plans to Kane in the new contract to raise to 10 million pounds, and are confident he will renew, but the two sides of the negotiations but I do not know why the pause.

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Tottenham insiders disclosed that, although this, but the White Hart Lane will not sell Kane, Kane is reportedly not anxious to immediately renew FIFA 17 Points, Tottenham is generally expected Kane will stay up and down. It is reported that the two sides of the contract negotiations will restart before and after the New Year, but many clubs are closely watching the developments, including Manchester United, Real Madrid (data) and Chelsea (data) the three giants.

Rumors that Manchester United in the past two summer windows have been in pursuit of Kane, and now they are going to come up with more than 50 million pounds transfer fee, to persuade Tottenham to give up Kane. If Tottenham is ready to sell Kane and listen to the offer, Manchester United will let everyone know, Kane will be their number one goal, because Dream Theater has Kane Rooney and Ibrahimovic as long-term successor, Mourinho has also been very much appreciate the three lions local shooter.

In February last year, Kane and Tottenham have just renewed a new contract, he has scored 67 goals for the Spurs, and in the last season with 25 ball won the Premiership Golden Boot. After the start of the season, Tottenham has and Eriksson, Ali, Ross, Dell, Walker and other young players contract for the team's future laid a solid foundation, and now Tottenham also firmly believe that Kane will The new contract signed his name.