[FIFA News] Real Madrid holding C Ronaldo Bell dispute caused the chiefs to run out of battle

The past month, Real Madrid has gradually renewed the core members of the team. Cross, Modric, Bell and C Luo, the four superstar to stay in the team, boosting the morale of the team and the club's reputation.

In just one week, Real Madrid has the most important two players Bell and C Luo contract, their future and the club are closely linked. In ensuring that Bell, C Luo, respectively, after 2022 and 2021, Florentino very happy. But as Real Madrid president, Florentino's happiness is not free. The reason is simple: the people of the Bell camp have expressed dissatisfaction with Real Madrid in dealing with Bell, C Luo contract different treatment.

Perhaps you can from the following scenes to find Bell's unhappy reasons: October 31, Real Madrid announced the renewal of the contract with Bell. As always, Bell at the Bernabeu Stadium in the conference room and Florentino signed an agreement, after Real Madrid won the Champions League trophy photo. Nothing new. A week later, C Luo as well. November 7, the Portuguese striker and Florentino attended the signing ceremony. The signing ceremony was exactly the same.

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Let's take a look at what happened after that. Bell at the Bernabeu Stadium media room held a press conference, attended the press conference with the Welsh winger is not Florentino, but the club's publicity director Butragueno. "You are an important member of our team and you will be at least as effective as we are in 2022," said Butragueno, "before playing the classic video collection for Real Madrid.

A week later, when C Lo completed the signature, everything is not the same. First of all, the press conference at the Bernabeu stadium in the Royal box, more importantly, and C Lo attended the press conference with Florentino. In the introduction of C Ronaldo, Real Madrid President said, "You are won the 11 Champions League trophy of the club's great symbol. Is the history of the best football club symbol .In Madrid, you conquer everything, you are a legend, is the club history You are such an unforgettable player, and I think you will win your fourth Golden Globe very soon after you have made great success.

Less than 24 hours later, Bell's agent Barnett expressed his dissatisfaction. He told Florentino assistant Sanchez, he did not like to attend the conference Bell's Florentino did not attend a few days later and C Luo stood together. He mentioned that Real Madrid on the Bell and C Luo difference between the way as "in the back of a knife stabbed FIFA 17 Coins." Barnett admitted that this is his view as a Bell broker, and Bell himself did not like this view. But in fact, people around Bell do not like Florentino's approach, they believe that Bell is quickly becoming the cornerstone of Real Madrid future.

They know that Florentino also did not attend the Cross, Modric's conference. But what happened in August last year may make Bell's people more "excited", that is, Florentino attended the conference after the renewal of Ramos. Barnett, Florentino should come up with C Luo and Ramos's courtesy to treat Bell, so he soon complained about the club.

Real Madrid, fortunately, despite the brokers feel dissatisfied, but Bell does not care. He did not complain about it, more importantly, Bell's introverted character makes him more suitable for appear in the media room rather than the Bernabeu royal box. Behind it was the competition between two superstars, Mendes and Barnett, both trying to expand their influence inside Real Madrid. In this fight, Mendes received VIP treatment, and Barnett can only take a back seat. Barnett believes that this is Real Madrid Bell is not good enough performance. I hope this dispute will not affect the two superstar field performance.

Nov 14, 2016