[FIFA News] Samba Legion has become a messy heart of nightmare

3-0 win over Argentina, Brazil continued to coaching change this summer after the triumph, lost only five goals in a game, Samba Legion South American World Cup standings at the top of the table at the same time also cast a shadow cast Argentina. This summer, after a sudden out of the national team's soap opera, Messi, although the return to the Argentine array, but his history against Brazil in the game after the game has become more embarrassing.

After the game, in the history of Argentina and Brazil had a total of 103 encounters, Brazil slightly upper hand, made 40 wins 26 level 37 negative record, into 162 balls, throw 159 balls. Two rival each as the world football can not be ignored powerhouse, the strength has never been too big a gap. Since 2005 for the first time in the Argentina national team so far, count the game, Messi in the national team career against Brazil 8 scored four goals, the data seems to be considerable. But the Argentine team in this 8 ball but lost half of the accumulated only 2 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses, of which there are 3 games have suffered a 3 ball or more defeat.

2006 international friendly, Brazil 3-0 win over Argentina in Argentina, the campaign is also the first time in the Argentine national team Messi against the Samba Regiment, which was the fledgling Argentine King has been a wake-up call. Then in the 2007 America's Cup final, Argentina once again three goals total defeat, and chasing for many years of international tournament champion regretfully pass by. Although recently repeated against Brazil, Messi has hat-trick in the 2012 friendly, but in general the Pampas Eagle win lose less and the situation has not changed. Today, the Argentine once again lost the game in a familiar manner. Count today's World Cup, an embarrassing data generated - 0-3 this score, in the history of Messi and Brazil have been staged three times.

It is no coincidence that the Brazilian team can win a victory today, the team is now re-establish a chemical reaction, and coach Tit is a tribute. After Brazil in the South American World Cup was just ranked No. 6, but in the successor to Dunga, Ditt led his team to take five-game winning streak, the team all the way to the top of the standings. As the highest prestige of the Brazilian coach, Teeter coached Gremio, Brazil International, Minero Athletic, Palmeiras and Corinthians five Pajia the door, took Ba Jia, Brazil Cup, Libertadores Cup and World Club Cup, called the Grand Slam coach. In the face of such a most common people of the Brazilian team, Teeter also successfully let the team to fast and smooth counterattack system to regain the feeling of winning. Compared to Dunga 6 only win two goals, into the 11 ball at the same time lost 8 ball embarrassing record, Te Te rate team at the same time, the Samba Army bombers scoring 15 goals only 1 ball, I also became the Brazilian national team history best start of the coach.

In fact, after winning the World Cup in 2002, the five-star Brazil into a turbulence. Sampa's head coach has replaced Pereira, Dunga, Menezes and others, but in addition to the 2007 America's Cup, the Brazilian team's performance is not satisfactory. Two years ago the Brazil World Cup, the Brazilian team at home once regarded as favorites to win, but the fans have stared at home under the German 1-7 (when the game venue and the game today is the same piece ), 0-3 defeat to the Dutch tragedy. In the summer of this century's America's Cup, the Brazil team is not even qualify to qualify for the group stage, Dunga is also the second team was eliminated after the team was dismissed. However, today 's Brazilian team has successively won Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina, the three powerful enemies, the denga era haze has vanished.

The other hand, Argentina, the summer once again missed the America's Cup, Messi once out of the national team, but in the end Bausa coach to return to the team under the persuasion. However, the return of the Argentine world number one does not seem to allow the Pampas Eagle to fly again, Messi's performance is mediocre field, but his lack of teammates in the national team's support is an indisputable fact. Regardless of the offensive line of Dimaliya and Higuain, or pit father, the defense portfolio, are not Messi a person can save.

In fact, Messi's national team career despite criticism, it was that he did not play in the national team in Barcelona array of energy, but 10 years down Messi wearing Argentina shirt only experienced five times 3 ball above the defeat. Now in five of these five defeats, three times thanks to Brazil (the other two were the 2010 World Cup qualifier Buy FIFA 17 Coins, Argentina in the Bolivian Plateau home 1-6 defeat to the opponent, and the 2010 World Cup race in Argentina 0 -4 lost to Germany). It is no exaggeration to say that now again after three balls of resentment, the Samba Legion has become a nightmare of Messi heart.