[FIFA News] Suning is willing to break the record to sign a savior Inter rejuvenation to rely on him

Experienced this summer's investment, the Inter Milan's record is still not ideal, the lack of a suitable coach is a big reason, and from the "Corriere dello Sport," the news that the Suning Group plans to recruit atletico Madrid next summer coach Diego - Simone, in order to ransom the bandits ransom, Suning Group, took out 50 million euros.

Currently sitting in Inter coach position is Pioli, the former Lazio coach has not even staged the first show, but in the Milan derby before the outgoing Suning Group plans to attract Simone's news of the summer. At present, Pioli contract signed in the summer of 2018, that is, he may leave early next summer, coach Nerazzurri time will not exceed a season.

Suning Group favor Simonei is not surprising, in the switch when the coach, the Argentine coaching record is very good, led Atletico to win the La Liga, King's Cup, the Spanish Super Cup, European Cup and European Super Cup champion, 14 season and 2015-16 season, Simonyi twice led the Champions League final FIFA 17 Coins. Although not in the king of Europe, but Simonyi has laid the status of his world marshal.

At present Simonyi and Atletico's contract expires in 2018, the contract penalty is 50 million euros, which is a very high figure, although it seems no team is willing to pay for a coach to pay 50 million euros, but "Rome Sports newspaper "revealed that Suning Group is ready to do so. It is reported that Zhang Jindong hope Simonyi in the 2017-18 season to pick up Inter pointer, it seems, Suning has been regarded as a great savior Sunni.