[FIFA News] Super League club in the European football around the world to attack the team is a thre

Super League club in the European football around the attack, even Ravage, Gervinho, Teixeira such a big star can not stop the temptation to come to China to play football. Chelsea's Oscar, Terry, Cesc Fabregas and super teams came scandal, Blues coach Colonel Conti in the current round of Premier League against Crystal Palace news conference, frankly the super market on the world team Is a threat.

孔蒂:中超市场对全世界是威胁 球员应看重荣誉

This year in January, Chelsea midfielder Ramirez joined Jiangsu Suning, and now the Blues has a series of players and Super League team scandal. "The Chinese market is dangerous for all the teams in the world, not just Chelsea, but I think we should focus on our work, not on the fact that China has a lot of money to buy," Conti said. To the players. "

Chelsea in the championship six points lead, is considered to be the Premier League favorites this season, in Conti seems to be able to get the Premiership title such honor, than to make money important to China: "I think the Premier League is great, It's a great opportunity and an honor to play here and you will be proud to be playing in the Premiership because it is the best league in the world and for that reason I am not worried about the transfer, I think every player is his master. "

Rumors of Shanghai, Hong Kong out of 400,000 pounds weekly transfer fee and 60 million pounds of transfer fee to buy Oscar, the 25-year-old midfielder is also considering to play Super League, after all, where you can enjoy high salaries, you can get the main Position, rather than in the hands of Conti who always sit on the bench. Conti confirms Hong Kong's Oscar quest: "Yes, I talked to the board before, and when you work in a club, I always want to make the best decision. The exact price, but will know in due course, we have to wait and see. "

Conti also talked about preparing for the Crystal Palace and the situation: "This is a London Derby, will be a tough game against a good team.Currently, the opponent in the league ranking is not ideal, but their lineup We will continue to work hard and improve, no team can not be defeated .As for Azar is the starting lineup, we must wait and see, he participated in the training.