Good game settings make you better play Rocket League

Rocket League has finally gone free-to-play in time for its fifth anniversary. If you're new to Rocket League and are looking to dive into the competitive playlist right away, You should start with the game settings. this is our essential RL beginner's guide to learning how to better set up the game. Because it's important for you to improve your skills.



Before we even catch on to the pitch and learn some moves, there are many settings that will be configured in Rocket League, and a few of them do make it easier to play during a competitive environment.

Camera settings

Turn off camera-shake. this is often a setting that adds more of an action-packed feeling into your games. once you make it slightly on the ball, the camera will shake to suggest there was a tough impact. this is often unnecessary and will be disabled to assist you to stay focused on the sport.

The default camera settings of Rocket League are tuned to form the sport more action-packed. However, these camera settings make it far more difficult to stay track of your surrounding – your teammates, your opponents, the ball, and boost pads.

We also advise changing the default camera settings to what's considered the quality by professionals now.

Controller Setup

Rocket League is often played competitively on any of the main platform controllers. DualShock 4, Xbox controller, Switch Pro Controller, keyboard & mouse.

While you're employing a controller for your input, it's advised to modify up only one of the most controls. this will be either boost or air-roll/powerslide to at least one of the available shoulder buttons. the foremost common is moving air-roll/powerslide to L1.

This change re-distributes a number of the responsibility of your right to the left, and makes jumping, boosting, and air-rolling all at an equivalent time possible.


General Settings

It's important to be ready to communicate in team-based sports games. However, there's sometimes a requirement to suppress specific speech in some online experiences. you'll set your level of text-based communication to only be in-game chat associated with the sport.

•Team Only restricts communications to only show your team's text chat and quick-chats.

•Team Quick Chat Only restricts communications to only see quick-chat from your team.

•Quick Chat Only restricts communications to only the in-game quick chat commands.

•Allow All will allow you to see all text entered within the lobby.

•Disabled removes all in-game communication.

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