Here are all the small print about pumpkins confirmed, Halloween & fall update

It's confirmed that the fall update will bring pumpkins growing into Animal Crossing New Horizons, which seems to be the highlight of the update, with additional emotions and characters coming to the sport. The update also previews subsequent update, due call in November, which will add both Franklin and Jingle, 2 familiar Animal Crossing special characters to the sport.


1.Halloween Preparations: Pumpkins are just the start of the Halloween-themed festivities arising. With the large day just around the corner, players can start stocking abreast of candy early. you'll also use your Nook Miles to shop for body paint and colored eye contacts to form yourself look scary, also as purchase costumes from the Able Sisters shop throughout October.

2.New Dream Suite Features: the power to require a nap and visit other islands within dreams was introduced this summer. Now, you will be ready to easily revisit a past dream island by accessing a replacement in-game list of past dreams you've had, making it even easier to go to a number of your favorite islands.

3.NookLink App Update: NookLink update planned for early October. you'll use the smart device to perform reactions within the game.

4.Grow Pumpkins: Pumpkin starts are available in-game from Leif year-round or from Nook's Cranny during October. You'll be ready to grow pumpkins to craft the pumpkin furniture & use them for pumpkin-based DIY projects. The pumpkin comes in several colors: dark orange pumpkins, light orange or yellow pumpkins, light yellow or white pumpkins, green pumpkins.

5.Free Update: The free update coming in November which can bring Franklin and Jingle, with Nintendo teasing some Thanksgiving costumes and therefore the build-up to Christmas. You first got to buy pumpkin seeds from Nook's Cranny or Leif (both sell them for 280 Animal Crossing Bells). Then plant pumpkins and water them a day. And you'll have your pumpkins by taking excellent care of them.

Conclusion: the fall update starting September, so there's gonna be pumpkin furniture and scary outfits and costumes and Jack are going to be returning and there is some furniture is often bought in Nooks Cranny. we will buy candy and seedlings or pumpkin seeds from Nooks Cranny. we will plant them, grow pumpkins. There are different quite pumpkins it's like a minimum of three there and that we use them to craft pumpkin DIY recipes. Once we get the particular update on the 30th loads more stuff will come to light.

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