Introduction to 3.9.0 Update

What kind of update is this? The 3.9.0 version of the action role-playing game "Path of Exile" is scheduled to be launched in December. In fact, this should be a new season, and its related content is already included in the season. 

What is the change? Grinding Gear Games is now announcing that the size of the update 3.9.0 will be larger than expected. Players are more likely to expect an add-on.

What will be included in 3.9.0? The team didn't want to reveal too much, but he said the content is not limited to the season, just like the previous update. New content usually affects the game. This makes the December update the biggest extension of this year's action RPG.

Grinding Gear Games doesn't want to say anything about the new season. But this should be impossible, and developers have been doing this for a long time. The content will correspond to the results and make a trade-off between risk and return. It's worth mentioning that this update also adds new items that will affect the role building. Similarly, the team redesigned the bow and arrow to better balance the remote fighter. However, these optimizations are not as extensive as recent melee adjustments. New skills, balance adjustments and other divination cards are also included in the update. The above is all that is currently known in this 3.9.0 update.


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