James dissatisfaction referees: I have so many sudden but only 4 free throws

February 26, Cavaliers today at home to 94-110 defeat to the Spurs, LeBron - James played a very tough personal performance, the audience H hit 33 points and 13 rebounds and 9 assists, but the teammates did not help but poor performance, the last section Zhan Emperor angry, vent anger in the referee who, as a result, eat technical foul. This shows that James hit the perfect personal show, but the face of losing the outcome, how happy are not up, and even somewhat helpless.


Knight really undulating performance this season, James was quite depressed heart, but fortunately Cavaliers completed multiple transactions on the trade deadline, sending away six players and exchange for Clarkson, Xiaon Si and other four new aid, The team has a new mental outlook, but James is also leading by example, the more fighting on the court, before today's match opener, Zhanhuang in February averaged 25.8 points, 10.0 rebounds and 10.6 assists, is expected to play a single month Averaging three pairs of performance.

James is well aware of how young drivers are encouraged to get into the race quickly. From the very beginning of the game, he continues to deliver cannonballs to team-mates. Tristan Thompson continues to eat cakes in the basket. , Splinter the Spurs defense, let the field Popovich "endless".

And when the two sides are equal, or Knight is suppressed, James can always complete the aggressive personal attack, so that the Spurs defender helpless. For example, the second section game to 6 minutes and 28 seconds, James face Rudy - Gay and Dezhang - Murray's double defense, cast a negative angle throw, and the ball fell into the Nets moment, 24 seconds offensive By the time the ball was so difficult for the American commentator to shout, "LeBron, rule the attack."

Immediately after an offensive, James off the rebound from the backcourt, and then a one-stop fast-break layup, and caused the other foul play one-third success, so the camera staged in the second quarter. James tough attack sometimes let the Spurs players very frustrated in the third quarter competition, Danny - Green can not see James limit, directly choose to Zhan Huangjiu fell to the ground.

James scored every goal are very aggressive, extremely tough, it is such a James, Popovich praised as a "superhero" before the game, although Marshal Bush at the time praised James for various off-court righteousness, but in the arena James, is not the knight's "superhero" yet.

However, basketball is a team sport, and then a strong superhero, around also need to help, but in today's final game, James did not help, in his early fourth quarter resting when the Knight was a point Unsuccessful, the Spurs took the opportunity to expand the points difference to double digits, and then debut after James is still very strong offensive end, no lack of dunk and other wonderful goals, but has been Rudy - Guy, Kyle - Anderson and others Cover, "not spit" Zhan Huang referee roared up, resulting in eating technical foul.

1 minute 01 seconds before the whistle, Adr succeeded in the storm under the basket, the Knight called to suspend the choice to give up the game, Zhan Huang pound the ball several times to the basket, vent their hearts unhappy, this is probably Knight played in the big deal The worst game, which makes James how happy may be up.

I hope Zhanhuang played so well but so disappointing scene, appeared in the game less.

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