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Rocket League has a wide range of vehicles, but here are the best cars players can choose if they want to better their game.

It was a smart decision for the Rocket League to go free-to-play, but it also means that there are new players who don't understand the mechanics of the game. Mindless hitting the ball may work in a low-ranking game, but it's not going to be successful against players who have been around for a while. Until players can start improving their game, they will need to set themselves up for success by choosing the best vehicle.

The following are the 3 best Rocket League cars recommended by,let's check it out.


The best cars of the Rocket League: Fennec

The Fennec is what some players call the new best car in the Rocket League. It shares the same hitbox as the Octane, but the shape of its body is much more accurate to the hitbox. The Octane has a semi-pointed muzzle, while the Fennec is a rectangle. With the hitbox being a rectangle, Fennec players will know exactly when their car will hit the ball. However, the Fennec must be activated by redeeming the Blueprints of the Rocket League.


The best cars of the Rocket League: Octane

Although the Octane is the default vehicle that any Rocket League player has to start with, it is also one of the best competitive vehicles. Many sports athletes use the Octane because of how their bodysuits their hitbox. Rocket League has only two different car hitbox shapes, despite the fact that every car has a different body model. The Octane is almost exactly matched by its hitbox, which helps players to hit the ball more precisely. It also belongs to a category of cars with a higher hitbox, which means that they can beat cars with shorter hits.


The best cars in the Rocket League: Breakout

The Breakout is another of the three cars that players have access to at the beginning of the game. It belongs to the shorter and broader hitbox family of cars, and a lot of freestylers prefer this car over Fennec or Octane. Although it might not win any challenges, it's fantastic dribbling, air dribbling, and pinching car. Its body also suits the hitbox better than most other cars in the short and large family.

These are the three best cars in the Rocket League, two of which are free for all players. There are countless other vehicles in the game, but players are better off staying away from something else if they want to ascend the ranks to the Super Sonic Legend. Car selection comes down to how well the hitbox suits the visuals, and before Psyonix launches better car bodies, these three are the best Rocket League to offer.


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