MapleStory 2: Awakening Will Reveal On May 30th - Bring New Skills, Enemies and Items

MapleStory 2 is a customizable MMORPG developed by NSquare and ProjectMS, which provides players with colorful 3D landscapes to explore, loads of new and familiar enemies to vanquish, and tons of exciting bosses to battle. The news that a brand new Awakening Expansion for MapleStory 2 will arrive on May 30th has excited millions of maplers because it brings lots of new contents to the game. Let's have a close look at the detail of this update. 

MapleStory 2: Awakening will feature a new set of Job Skills to master, new Dungeons and Chaos Raids to conquer, an increase in the Level Cap to 70 and a new hero on the horizon: Striker! Here is the content of this update. 

Grand Awakening Wonders Giveaway

Job Rank and Rank 2 Skills

New Class: Striker

New Dungeons, Chaos Raids and More

Eye of Lapenta and Lapenshards

Moreover, MapleStory 2: Awakening will bring an Awakening mechanic to all classes, allowing players to strengthen and customize their characters by awakening the class with lapenshards to tweak their particular stats and bonuses. So you’ll be able to adjust your main class to better suit your particular playstyle.

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May 14, 2019