[NBA News] Clay - Thompson under the career record of 60 points

Clay - Thompson under the career record of 60 points when the Warriors Auditorium 102 District, an 80-year-old man stood up and applauded as God applauded the soup. He is the Warriors former star Al - Attlees.

汤神离100分多远? 大帅前队友:纪录难以打破

However, a former teammate for the Atlas, the single 60 points, but a piece of cake. Ateliers's teammate is the famous Wilt - Chamberlain.

"It was a very easy thing for Wilt to play, and we were lucky enough to be his teammates, he was so good," said Artes, who played for Philadelphia in 1960-71 The San Francisco Warriors.

In Bryant's career, he had 6 single-game cut 60 +. Michael - Michael Jordan career had 5 scoring 60 +, Elgin - Baylor got 4 times 60 +. In the history of another can win more than a single field 60 + score is Chamberlain, in his career, even had 32 times scored 60 + single-game score.

"He's done it (too many points in a single game) so many times that you do not think about it," Artels says. "Because it's Wilt's data, so you think We're talking about Wilt Chamberlain, a guy who can do whatever he wants on the pitch!

Chamberlain this 32 games 60 + game, Atlas personally experienced a part. "One of the most boring things I've ever seen him get to score 60+ is to compare Wilt Chamberlain and other basketball players in terms of scoring."

Chamberlain had scored 100 points in a game, this is perhaps the most difficult to break the NBA record. In that game, Chamberlain 63 of 36, the free throw 32 penalty 28, it is not a three-point line age. Chamberlain is also the only history of the league a season averaging more than 50 players, he averaged 50 points in the 1961-62 season. By the way, in his career had 118 single-game scoring over 50 points.

"The most important thing is that Chamberlain had 100 points in the game, he even thought ahead of the end," Artes said, "the coach does not agree with his request, his teammates did not listen to him. We all want to pass the ball to him, his response is' I will get the ball, do not worry about me.

"When he scored 100 points, he is the most calm of the man," Artes recalled, "locker room, as teammates we are excited like a group of crazy, but he said there, 'I do Do not want to shoot a game 63 times', we shouted 'Wilt! You scored 100 points ah!' "

Thompson scored 60 points in 29 minutes, the fourth quarter did not play. Can even let him play the last section, he certainly can not get 40 points. The closest man to the 100-point record is Kobe Bryant, who scored 81 points in 2006 against the Raptors.

So, Chamberlain's 100-point record will be broken in the future one day?

"It's going to be a very difficult thing to do," Artels said, adding that he scored 17 points in Chamberlain's "100-per-night". "I do not think the other team will allow a player so crazy They will double - team him or even double - team them, but for Wilt, it 's no use doing him on the court.