[NBA News] Curry 33 points Durant record interrupted warriors back-to-back nuggets

Warriors (7-2) three-game winning streak. Stephen Curry made 7 of 13 3-pointers, scoring 33 points and seven assists, Craig Thompson 19 points, Kevin Durant 18 points, nine rebounds and five assists in 72 games. The record of the minute is terminated. Derek - Green 13 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists.

Nuggets (3-5) two-game losing streak. Emmanuel - Moodie shot only 4 of 15, had 10 points, Gary - Harris and Danilo - Gallinari each had 11 points. Substitute appearance of Jamal - Murray 14 points, Malik - Beasley 12 points.

The Nuggets did not make the playoffs last season, but they did not make the playoffs.

Last season the Warriors made 73 wins, including a game to beat the Nuggets overtime. Two weeks later, the Nuggets at home revenge, successfully defeated the Warriors.

New season, the Nuggets hope to give the Warriors trouble. "We're a lot stronger than last year," Jokic said. "We're going to play better and end the game."

Warriors to catch up last season's record has been difficult, but Durant is gradually into the team. Although the back to back operations, but the Warriors did not give the Nuggets too many opportunities, and Curry can punch three get off work.

The Nuggets in the opening to 6-3 lead, Durant and Thompson have also to color, Warriors scored 6 points out of the score, after all the way lead. Curry in the second half of this section before the force, this section there are 1 minute 47 seconds, he made three free throws, then hit three points, one arranged the Warriors last 9 points, leading them 38-19.

Warriors in the second quarter will expand to 20 points or more, but the Nuggets also several counterattack. This section there are 4 minutes and 13 seconds, Moodie's layup, the Nuggets to 36-52 behind. The gap between the two sides was only 12 points, Gallinari in the end of this section before the vote in the third, the Nuggets at a disadvantage of 51-65.

Durant state today flat, the first three playing time is not much, career 20 points or more consecutive record of the risk of termination.

Section Durant only hit a ball. This section there are 7 minutes and 55 seconds, he then hit the library after passing the library, Curry then scored 4 points with a cast penalty, the Warriors to 81-56 lead. Curry and Thompson then have hit three points, the Warriors continue to expand the advantage Cheap FIFA 17 Coins. In this section, one person in the library hit four three-pointers, a single scored 15 points, the Warriors was 97-66 lead by 31 points. This section last 2 minutes and 27 seconds, Warriors had only 2 points, 3 points in mind the Nuggets hit three-thirds, the score chase into 75-99.

Curry no longer play the fourth quarter, and Durant did not play too long. This section there are 6 minutes and 51 seconds, Durant dunk, the Warriors to 110-84 lead. Durant had 18 points, then 2 points can continue their record, but he soon came to rest, did not come back, his record was interrupted.


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