[NBA News] In the latest issue of the strength of the Cavaliers top position in the list can not sha

In the latest issue of the strength of the team list, Cavaliers top position can not shake, Warriors rose to second, the Spurs rose to third, the Clippers fell to fourth. The Rockets went further and finished seventh, with the Lakers rising to 15th.

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1 Knight (1 - last week ranked)

November 28, Knight wins 76 people a little stumbling, but they by virtue of the Big Three's outstanding performance, or won the game, continue to maintain the dominant attitude of the East. In this game, LeBron - James, Kevin - Carrefour, Carey - Owen scored a total of 90 points. Knight against the Trail Blazers and the Mavericks hit two consecutive games more than 20 thirds, creating NBA history. Carrefour in the first quarter against the Trail Blazers game to get 34 points ... ... feeling this team is still not doing their best.

2 Warriors (3)

Warriors now play a strong dominance, the league's longest current 11-game winning streak, including 10 consecutive games sent more than 30 + assists. The Warriors may have made it easy for them to do so, but mostly because of their progress on the offensive and defensive end. The Warriors are now the league's highest assist rate team, the league's offensive efficiency and team offense the best team. Their defense is progressing, blocked the league rose to second place, the defensive efficiency rose to seventh in the league.

3 Spurs (4)

Experienced some time ago after the downturn, the Spurs are now finally find the feeling, made a wave of nine-game winning streak, winning 10 straight away. They re-joined the championship team for the ranks of the Cavaliers, Warriors and the Clippers a level of the team. Prior to the Spurs, NBA history, only a total of four teams start to win 10 away victories, in addition to the 2015-16 season, the Warriors, the other three teams have won the final championship. It is worth mentioning that the Spurs NBA history is the only one start 10-game winning streak, and 10 consecutive games to win opponents 5 points or more than 5 points of the team.

4 Clippers (2)

Last week for the Clippers, it can be described as very smooth. They lost to the Pistons, suffered first season away defeat. They lost to Paul - George's Pacers, the opponent's wolves tactical defeat, suffered the first straight season. In the game against the Pacers, the Clippers game was only 70 points, playing the worst offensive performance of the season. Clippers more than attack the problem, but they also have problems defensive, defensive efficiency from the Union fell to the league's first three.

5 Raptors (7)

Raptors last week to 3 wins and 2 losses record of the end of the wave of five passengers, they next will usher in a sweet home game, home game for six games, opponents are 76, Grizzlies, Lakers, Eagles, Knights and Timberwolves. In the Raptors on November 21 99-102 lost to the King of the game, Terrence - Rose equalizer last-third was blown invalid, so they regret losing. Raptors after the game to protest, but the Union to maintain the original penalty.

6 Bulls (8)

The summer of 2016, the Bulls traded Derek - Ross, let go of Joe King - Noah, around Jimmy - Butler reconstruction. They got Rubin - Lopez, signed German - Wade, Rajon Rondo and others, but no one optimistic about the team, the Butler, Wade and Rondo three dubbed the "three rejection vote" . The Bulls are now all surprised, they and the Warriors, Clippers two teams together to become the NBA this season, only three offensive and defensive efficiency are ranked top 10 teams in the league.

7 Rocket (9)

2015-16 season, the Rockets have Dwight - Howard and James - Harden in the context of playing a mess. This led to Kevin - McHale get out of class, 2016 Howard in the summer leave. Rockets hire Mike - D'Antoni as coach, the second reconstruction around Harden. It now appears that their rebuild was successful, with Harden transitioning to point guard after averaging 58.4 points from his direct scoring or assists. Harden this time should not miss the best team of the year, D'Antoni and the Lakers coach Luke Walton West on the best coach.

8 Grizzlies (12)

In the past 10 games, the Grizzlies made 8 wins and 2 losses record, only 10 wins and 0 losses than the Warriors and the Spurs 9 wins and 1 losses. November 27, the Grizzlies 110-107 beat the Heat, which is of great significance to them: one, reported the Heat had been the end of the six-game winning streak of revenge; Second, to obtain the return of Miami coach Fitzdale's first victory , Before the season, Fitzdale in the Heat as eight season assistant; Third, the game Zach - Randolph and Chandler - Parsons truce, the Grizzlies are still fighting bursting.

9 Jazz (13)

Jazz after many seasons of dormancy, and now finally have a playoff team Fan children. Jazz is now the net efficiency (offensive efficiency - scoring efficiency) to 5.3, second only to the Warriors 13.5, 10.4 Clippers, Knights of the 8.3 and 7.2 Spurs, ranked fifth in the league. As the Jazz in the summer of 2016 the most important signings, George - Hill last week back, continue to play efficient game, helping the Jazz mad Nuggets and Hawks 52 points.

10 Celtics (10)

Between the twinkling of an eye, the NBA has started more than a month, look to the east, the Celtics ranked fifth, not the second. In the long run, the Raptors ranked second in the East is also higher than the probability of the Celtics, but this young army's performance is still commendable. They are still in the team main El - Horford, Joe - Claude injuries suffered the background, still achieved 9 wins and 7 losses record.

15 Lakers (17)

2015-16 season, because Steve - Cole back surgery, Luke - Wharton as Warriors acting coach, led his unit to get 19 wins and 0 losses start. Because Wharton was an assistant, NBA officials also once discussed whether the West in November the best coach awarded to Wharton, they will award the award to Wharton, but the record is still recorded in the Cole name. Now Wharton as the Lakers coach, led the youth team made 9 wins and 9 losses record, including the sweep of the eagle, let a person shines, he can get the best coach of the West in November it?

Pistons, Knicks, Trail Blazers, Nuggets, Bucks; 21-25 teams: Timberwolves, the Heat, the Lakers, the Hawks, , Pelican, King, Wizards; 26-30 teams: Magic, 76ers, Suns, Mavericks and Nets.