[NBA News] James three pairs of Irving 39 points Knight distal wave reversal of 76 people

Cavaliers away by virtue of a wave of distal to 112-108 away 76 people, made four-game winning streak. James scored 26 points, 10 rebounds and 13 assists, which is his first three games this season, three pairs, the first 45 career triple-double. JR audience 11 of 0, the three-pointers 7 vote 0, Enbi Germany got 22 points and 9 rebounds and 3 blocks.

詹姆斯三双欧文39分 骑士末节一波流逆转76人

The field star: Owen outbreak

Owen scored 39 points the whole game, which distal single-handedly got 19 points. When James is responsible for scheduling, commanding the armed forces, Owen just need to focus on grab points, and he also completed the perfect task.

Race trend: Knight distal wave

Home game 76 imposing rainbow, Enbi third hit, Rodriguez raid layup, start they beat the defending champion wave of 10-2. James layup, but 76 people highly efficient, Okafor scored four points, the gap between the two sides was widened to double digits. Knight is not fuel-efficient lights, James made two free throws, the Boo in the long-range Bofo. Enby made foul two free throws, Carrefour two free throws to the whole color, the last minute Enby attack raid re-foul, although not labeled 2 +1, the home team is still the first section of the 30-24 lead.

The two sides outside the section on the Biao, Coventry, Salich hit three consecutive points, Owen also to the outside color, Henderson will be one, 44-33. Dunleavy stormed by Enbid capped, Coventry hand down and in the long-range, the gap widened to 14 points. James outside also to color, interesting, Coventry that section of the outside line feel good, a fast break on the basket is not in, scheduled five oops. Knight tenacious counterattack gradually catch up with the score, Owen made two free throws, the two sides only 7 points. Rodriguez flank to vote, James last minute labeled 2 +1, Cleveland halftime score at 52-58.

Ex-fought Cavaliers frantically counterattack, Carrefour and Jones in three consecutive hit, the score closer to 70-72. Okafor dumping succeeded, Stauntskas hit a layup, as the home team to stabilize the situation. Okafor defensive three seconds to send James free throw line, but then the storm succeeded. Salic then a note in the third, points difference and pull to double digits. Three last-minute, James and Le Fu jointly fired a wave of 6-0, Cleveland 77-81 with 4 points difference, into the distal battle.

Owen and Enbide each cast in the third, Lok Fu outside manufacturing foul, Owen raid layup and then, 85-84, Knight go-ahead. Enby made Thompson foul the same two free throws, followed by the game completely controlled by the Cavaliers, even though Stauntonkasi cast immortal ball, can be driven by Zhan Huang, Knight Yuezhanyueyong. 4 minutes and 20 seconds before the end of the game, Owen break layup to help the Cavaliers to 100-91 to expand the lead to 9 points. Brown coach put Enby to do the final duel, but since no avail, although Philadelphia resistance is very tenacious, but obviously can not turn the tide, had to surrender.

Game Highlights: Jefferson anger the Great

The first section of the game at the last minute, Enbi low ball misplaced singles Jefferson, a turn to hit the ball at the same time, Jefferson also knocked to the ground. Perhaps dissatisfied with each other's attitude, perhaps the old face could not hang, Jefferson got up and rushed to find Enbi De, trying to say, the two sides also spray a few.

Both starting lineup

76: Rodriguez, Henderson, Coventry, Ilyasova, Nbid

Knight: Owen, J-R-Smith, James, Carrefour, Thompson