[NBA News] Lakers and the Rockets game may have five players can not play

As the game increased and the depth of the event, many players in the league there have been injuries. Knight guard JR Smith is lucky, his left knee and no structural damage; but the Lakers unfortunately, tomorrow and the Rockets game, they may have five players can not play. The following is a summary of some injuries today

伤病汇总:JR无结构性损伤 湖人或5人缺战火箭

JR No structural damage

Alliance sources said Smith accepted MRI today, the results show that his left knee and no structural damage, he is expected to enter the daily watch list. Smith was injured in the Knights game against the Raptors yesterday, in fact, the past few weeks, he suffered a week of knee pain, knights are considering let him rest. Smith did not set off with the team in New York, he returned to Cleveland and accepted the inspection. In 2013, when Smith's left knee had undergone surgery.

Smith, 31 years old, in October this year, he and the Cavaliers signed a four-year contract worth $ 57 million contract. Smith has been struggling this season, scoring 7.8 points per game, shooting only 31%.

Bogut at least 10 days truce

The source revealed that Dallas center Bogut's right knee had only a slight bone contusion, but the best situation was to be able to return to the stadium in 10 days to two weeks. Bogut was hurt by the Mavericks' loss to the Hornets yesterday, when he hit the Hornets center Hibbert's feet and limped back into the locker room. "Bogut will miss at least three games and maybe longer," said coach Carlisle, who has not released Bogut 's MRI results.

Bogut joined the Mavericks this summer, this season he averaged 3.8 points, 10.4 rebounds and 2.2 assists, rebounds for the Mavericks.

Parker left knee injury increased

In yesterday's Spurs beat the Bucks game, Parker unfortunately knee injury, coach Gregg Popovich said Parker may be sidelined for some time. The Spurs announced today that Parker will not play against the Minnesota Timberwolves today due to a contusion on his left knee (the same position as before). Parker, 34, this season he has been unable to get rid of injury problems, averaging only 9.7 points and 4.3 assists in performance.

Lakers trapped more than injuries

Tomorrow the Lakers will challenge the Rockets away, Blake (right ankle), Calderon (right hamstring), Russell (left knee) and Nick - Young (right leg) are unable to play because of injury, Knee) is played doubt. Russell missed the last nine games, he received a review today. "He feels a lot better," Lakers coach Walton said. "He may be able to return to the stadium this week, but he has just started training, so we will not rush."