[NBA News] Morti Eunos's return to the Rockets can bring about changes

Rockets and Donatas - Moti Ayunas finally reached a contract agreement, the return of Moti Ayunas, can bring to the Rockets how to change? James - Harden that can make the rocket becomes stronger!

The Rockets withdrew their $ 31 million offer to Moti Aunas today to reach a four-year, $ 35 million new contract, and the Rockets offered a number of incentives, Yunus can get up to 37 million US dollars.

After the medical examination by the rocket, Moti Eunos will soon usher in his season debut. The problem is that this season the Rockets have a very good performance, the current record of 15 wins and 7 losses ranked fourth in the Western Conference, so the return of Mathieu Yunus is to make the Rockets become stronger or affect the team's chemical reaction ??

"He has a speed advantage that can make us stronger," Harden said.

Moti Ayunas, 26, was selected by the Timberwolves in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft and then traded to the Rockets. Moti Yunus in the 2012-13 season to the NBA, 2014-15 season is his peak period, that season he played 28.7 minutes, can get 12 points, 5.9 rebounds and 1.8 assists, shooting Reached 50.4%, three-point shooting was 36.8%. But last season, Mathieu Yunus suffered injuries, averaging only 37.8 games played 14.8 minutes, the data also dropped to 6.2 points and 2.9 rebounds.

The Rockets traded Moti Aunas to the Pistons in February, but he did not pass the Detroit Pistons, causing the deal to fall. It is taking into account the risk of injury Motti Yunus, the Rockets in the contract negotiations, has been reluctant to give a higher offer, which led to a rare impasse in the negotiations between the two sides.

But for the Rockets coach Mike - D'Antoni, he saw a similar impasse. D'Antoni was playing in Milan, Italy, Olympiad, his roommate, Denver Nuggets striker Danilo - Gallinari's father Victoria - Gallinari, until December only with the team contract. "We have a player, we have a championship team, he insisted to December." D'Antoni said, "as a player, I understand the idea of ​​the player.I do not know the coach at the time, he may have some restless, We were a little bit restless, but in any case, we won the championship, so it was good.

Do not know whether Moti Eunos could help the Rockets win the championship, but his teammates hope he can come back. "He has basketball IQ, he's tall enough to score in the paint and he can shoot three points." In short, he can do a lot of things, "said Patrick-Beverly." So, in what we've done in the last few years , Mathieu Yunus played a key role.


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