[NBA News] Pistons headed Edison Drummond had been fined $ 15,000 for the league to escape the suspe

Pistons headed center Drummond was $ 15,000 fine, because he had earlier in the game against the Hornets elbowing each other's center Hibbert's head. Fortunately, Drummond escaped the suspension penalty.

德拉蒙德肘击对手被罚1万5 幸运逃过禁赛处罚

Drummond elbowed the opponent's action in the local time Tuesday, the Pistons against the Hornets game section II. At that time, 4 minutes 09 seconds left, the Hornets attack, Walker hit singles third. At this point, Drummond is and Hibbert in the basket grab position, he was opponents pushed behind. At that time the piston is being chasing points, Drummond seems to be a little anxious, he lost his reason, with the elbow hit Hibbert, the referee caught a positive.

By looking back at the video, the referee finally deliberations, decided to give Drummond a second-class malicious foul, he was ejected. For the referee's penalty, Drummond also refused to accept, while showing the smile of fans, while applauding, back to the locker room. But objectively speaking, Drummond this action does have an offensive, he was sent off without injustice.

After Hibbert added penalty hornets in this round got 4 points, the score go-ahead to 47-46. However, the fate of the gods inspired the other players of the Pistons fighting spirit, they played in the second half of a 55-35 offensive, the final victory over the opponent.

The local time on Thursday, the Union audit video game, the Drummond made additional penalties, he was fined $ 15,000, but will not be suspended. Pistons end against the Hawks, the team needs to play Zhuangshen, to fight against the big rival Howard.

Currently, the Pistons are playing a two-game winning streak to 10 wins and 10 losses record in the eastern seventh. As a team masters center, Drummond averaged 14.3 points and 13.2 rebounds per game.