[NBA News] Rocket home easily beat the lack of Cousins and Gay two main king made eight straight

Rocket home to 132-98 easily beat the lack of Cousins ​​and Gay two main king, made 8-game winning streak, they are currently the league's winning streak team. Harden harvest career 14 th three pairs, and Olajuwon tied for the first team history. At the same time during his rocket effectiveness of the number of failures reached 1,400 times also has gone beyond Francis (1399), second only to Moses - Malone and Hakeem Olajuwon, ranked third in team history.

哈登三节三双追平大梦 火箭吊打国王轻取8连胜

The field of stars: Harden three win three pairs

The game Harden three punch card get off work, and harvest to three pairs, harvest 15 points and 11 rebounds and 14 assists. This means that he has to get the first 14 double-doubles, tied the famous Olajuwon. More exaggerated, the game is only 7 full game brother, they harvested so gorgeous data, really easy to play.

Competition trend: rocket easy hanging

Less test Sings and Gay, McMurray does not play, the same as the king of the strategy to give up the game. In this situation, the rocket naturally not polite. Harden and Anderson hit three consecutive points, Capella received Beverley back to the gun to complete the dunks, followed by Harden and Beverley and continuous long shots. Less than half, the Rockets will get 19 points, forcing the king to request a suspension. Pause after a slight improvement in the visiting team, Temple and Casby continuous outside shot, the two points difference narrowed to single digits. But Harden made two free throws, Trevor Ariza and Anderson is one after another vote in the third. The first section of the line before the end of the small Gordon shot in the outside, the score was fixed in the 36-25.

Rocket sub-section of a bang, a wave of 17-4 after the climax, the gap was widened to 24 points. Jorgel desperation can only request suspension. Pause is also effective, the king began after the slow recovery points, Koufu Si continuous storm succeeded, points difference narrowed to 18 points. Then Toli Fu and then in the long-range, 43-58. But often the visiting team rally, the Rockets will immediately be able to put out the flame, like "tease you play." Anderson and Trevor Ariza after a series of long shots, Hugh to 64-43 lead with 21 points into the second half.

Ex-battles the king trying to struggle, Tolliver break layup, the score becomes 53-69. However, then in the Harden series, the rocket blew a breath of 15-0 climax, Anderson completed the 2 +1 attack, the Rockets instantly made 31 points a huge advantage. Ku Fusi hook hit, Harden hit two free throws after the porcelain, the outside line and then in the long-range. Tempur finally hit the third stop bleeding, this side is still Harden continuous assists Harel and Trevor Ariza, again opponents forced to stop. The section 3 minutes and 10 seconds left, Teng Ge grabbed his personal 10 rebounds, get three pairs, which means that he has got his 14th career triple-double, tied Olajuwon. After three kicks, the Rockets to 102-70 far ahead, the game no suspense.

Advantage is so great, the Rockets first Harden and others to replace the end, then simply replace the main rotation of the players are also replaced, do the backup to deal with the remaining garbage time. Harden sat on the bench and laughed, feeling good mood. The whole game closed a total of 22 points in mind recorded three points, failed to break the historical record (23 in mind three points).

Game Highlights: Deng brother mistakes team history third

Although Harden game match to get three pairs, tied Hakeem Olajuwon. But the game he also brush out 5 errors, which means that he was in effect during the rocket, the total number of errors has reached 1,400 times, surpassing Francis's 1399 times, rose to team history third. For Teng brother, he still have to spend a little effort to solve the problem of rampant errors.

Both starting lineup

Rockets: Harden, Beverley, Trevor Ariza, Anderson, Capella

King: Collison, Temple, Casby, Tolliver, Koufus

Dec 15, 2016