[NBA News] Rockets and the renewal of the farce of the formal declaration of the end

Rockets and the renewal of the farce of the formal declaration of the end. Local time on Thursday, the Rockets officially renounced the Mo Tai, let him become completely free agent. At the same time, Brown had been cut by the Rockets will re-join the team.

闹剧结束!火箭放弃莫泰 让他成完全自由球员

After a number of meetings with Motai, the agent's agent and the league office, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey announced that he had dropped out of a restricted free agent to become a fully free agent.

"In the four years the Rockets have been in effect, Motai has been a true professional athlete," Morey said. "We wish him a bright future and thank him for his contribution to the team and to our community. . "

The 26-year-old Motta is the 2011 20 show, he joined the NBA in 2012, his first four seasons all spent in the Rockets, averaging 7.8 points and can contribute 4 rebounds. After the end of last season, Mo Tai rookie contract expires, as a restricted free agent. But did not expect that the Rockets and Rockets contract renewal work was very difficult.

Initially, the Rockets in the summer for the Motai out of a value of $ 4.4 million qualification offer, so that the latter become restricted free agent. But Moto want to get a long-term contract, the Rockets to take into account his injury history, not willing to provide him with a full period of more than 1 year warranty contract. The two sides reached an impasse in the negotiations, has been dragged from July to November.

In the regular season after the start, the Rockets had on November 5 re-opened the contract, the contract for two years, the annual salary of 700 million US dollars, but only the first year is full protection. Not surprisingly, Moto firmly rejected the rocket contract offer.

Until December 3, the Nets out of the olive branch, 4-year $ 37 million contract offer Motai, and match the rocket eventually match the contract, he will stay in Houston. The thought has settled, but who knows, the Nets 37 million contract contains 6 million reward terms, while the rocket only matches one of the core part, which is 31 million US dollars. Because of this multi-million dollar gap, Mo Tai refused to report to the rocket.

"We have our rights, we know the rules and now look at how to do the rocket." At that time, the broker said Armstrong.

In desperation, the Rockets can only be re-camp and the people sitting on the negotiating table, the two sides make half a step. The Rockets withdrew the contract and provided another four-year, $ 35 million contract extension to reach an agreement with Motai.

But the dog blood is, this is not the end. The two sides reached an agreement, but has not formally signed the contract, the Rockets coach D'Antoni admitted there are some problems. In the end is the Mo Thai medical problems or the contract is still controversial, Morey reluctant to say.

"We are communicating with the Motta and the Alliance office, hoping to bring him back to the Rockets as quickly as possible," Morey said at the time. "I can not tell you more, we're looking for a solution."

The final outcome of the negotiations surprising, the Rockets finally announced to give up the Motta, let him become completely free agent. However, according to the provisions of the Mo Tai in the next year and the Nets can not sign, in addition, he can arbitrarily and the team signed the contract. At the same time, had been cut by the Rockets Bobby - Brown will return to the team.