[NBA News] Rockets to speed up negotiations today the possibility of renewal is not large

On Wednesday, the Rockets accelerated the contract negotiations with Moti Eunos, hoping to complete the contract today. But from the current situation, the possibility of the two sides reached an agreement is not large.

Local time November 23 is an important node. According to NBA regulations, if a free agent signed, he would have to wait until December 15 or signed the contract after 3 months (take time than the latter), can be traded. The new season trading deadline is February 23, 2017, that is, the Rockets want to be in the middle of the season as a trading chip Moti, only today and he completed the contract.

Rockets in efforts to complete the contract as soon as possible, but Moti Eunos camp insisted on asking for high-paying contract, the two sides from the agreement there is not a small distance. According to previous reports, the Rockets had Moti out of $ 4.4 million offer contract, so he became a restricted free agent. Later, the Rockets have provided a starting salary of $ 700 million for the multi-year contract, similar to Taylor - Zeller and Ezerley price.

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But Morti brokers think he should get a better contract. The two sides in this impasse, from this summer until now NBA Live Coins. The new season regular season have been playing for 1 month, Moti's contract has not been settled. As the Motti has not signed, the Rockets offer the original offer contract has expired in the last month.

From the current situation, the Rockets and Moti for the amount of the contract, there are still not a small gap. Rockets want to complete the renewal of Moti's work today, hope is not great.

After today, the Rockets can continue to expand contract negotiations and Moti, but can not be in this season as a bargaining chip, which will undoubtedly affect the team's operating space.

For Moti, if the final can not renew and the Rockets, he can choose to play in Europe. However, according to the Union, until next summer, the Rockets still have the right to open a quote for the Moti contract, he will still be a restricted free agent.

Moti is the 2011 20 show, he joined the NBA in 2012-13 season, four seasons all played for the Rockets, averaging 7.8 points and 4 rebounds. 2014-15 season, Moti became the main force of the rocket, averaging 12 points and 5.9 rebounds, was once high hopes. But last season, Moti suffered injuries, only played 37 games, averaging data also dropped to 6.2 points and 2.9 rebounds.

In the Rockets current lineup, the starting lineup is Capella and Anderson, but if Moti can restore health, he can become a good inside substitute.