[NBA News] Spurs overtake the Warriors lead the official strength of the list

NBA regular season has been two-thirds, the official website announced the latest team strength, San Antonio Spurs successfully rose to the top, the three-game losing streak of the Golden State Warriors fell to 2, the Houston Rockets continue to rank No. 3 The The five-game winning streak of the Washington Wizards rose to No. 4 and the Cleveland Cavaliers fell to sixth place. The Sacramento Kings fell to the 30th as a free fall.

Last season, the most eye-catching team: Wizards (4 wins and 0 losses) - the Wizards beat four Western teams with less than 50 percent winning percentage, but after Sunday's victory in Sacramento, they reversed 21 points on Sunday In Portland to win, it makes people impressed.

Last week the worst team: Grizzlies (0 wins and 3 losses) - the Grizzlies suffered a five-game losing streak, including Tuesday at home to double-digit gap lost to the Nets.

The biggest increase in the team this week: Bucks (+7), Miami (+4), 6 teams (+2)

This week ranked the largest decline in the team: Grizzlies (-8), Bulls (-5), King (-4)

1. Spurs 51 wins and 14 losses (2) brackets for the last week ranked, the same below

The Spurs quickly moved from a need for concern (Leonard's concussion) into another situation that needed more attention (Aldridge's heart problem). This week they should have a clearer understanding of Aldrich's time, and they are currently losing the game with the Warriors, and the next clash of the two teams on March 29, the Spurs have home benefits. The Spurs have a surprising depth, the net effect of the replacement for the second consecutive season league best, so they can help the team to survive without Aldridge is a very interesting thing. When Aldridge was not there, the team's assists were the highest.

2. Warriors 52 wins and 14 losses (1)

The Warriors can get a breather after a hard ride in eight consecutive rounds, and Cole has not had much choice, but only the main guys are resting in San Antonio. But the team's problem is greater than the schedule, the water brother in the absence of Durant did not find the feeling, the team in the first six games Adu injured every 100 rounds can only get 104.2 points, which is from March 14, Day, the team 6 games in the worst offensive performance. In the past seven games, three-pointers scored 18 of 18 shots (24 percent), and his season's hit rate fell below 40 percent, ranking 33th in the league.

3. Rockets 46 wins and 21 losses (3)

The Rockets met with the Spurs on Tuesday at the end of the season, and they squandered six points ahead. Thursday when they played against the jazz, they had a poor job, at least one bench in the 26 minutes of the net negative 18 points. Monday against the Cavaliers, their bench problem again exposed, Harden is not present 9 minutes net negative 18 points, but they do a good job on the defense, which is the last 11 games the last 5 minutes gap within 5 The game, they won the third time. The team still has the best after the All-Star attack, even if the road in March only 25% hit rate.

4. Wizards 41 wins and 24 losses (6)

Wizards in the western road trip in a very good performance, the past four games per 100 rounds to get 117.5 points, lost 113.2 points. On Wednesday they avoided losing a good at Phoenix, Saturday in Sacramento reversed the fourth quarter of 15 points behind, followed by another reversal in Portland 21 points behind. Two games are overtime win, of course, the referee did not whistle Morris out of bounds after the winning goal also played a role, they have to get 5 consecutive victories, the success of the East occupied the first 2. Only the Pacers (6 wins and 21 losses) are at least 15 points behind the win over them, only the Spurs (72) and the Rockets (101) behind at least 15 minutes less than they (5 wins 13 negative, 112 minutes).

5. Jazz 41 wins and 25 losses (7)

In mid-March the Jazz still struggled with injuries. Each of the four games of Hill, Hayward and Gobel can play the game they win three games, when they are present every 100 minutes to win the opponent 14.2 points, but the trio of the playing time ranked 135th in the league. Sunday Hill in the absence of two after the comeback, the first absence of Geber season. When Hill was absent, the Jazz had other ballners to take control of the attack, and on Thursday he won the Rockets on his absence, but no one was able to fill Gobel's vacancy.

6. Knight 43 wins and 22 losses (4)

Although the difficulty of the team travel is not like the Warriors, but 12 days the Cavaliers in 7 different cities to play, they get 2 wins and 5 losses record, lost 100 points per 100 rounds, they also lost the Bo Gert. Smith came back last week, but his three-pointers had only 4 of 19 shots. Since mid-January the Cavaliers have only 7 wins and 10 losses on the road, they will usher in two consecutive home games this week. There are five back to back in the race, Santis's signing can reduce some of Thompson's burden, career Thompson has not missed a game (regular season or the playoffs).

7. Celtics 42 wins and 25 losses (5)

5 in the Celtics defense is not so stable, Tuesday against the Clippers lost the second half of 73 points, Saturday and the Nuggets game lost half of the first half of 65 points. But during this period, they suppressed the Warriors, the All-Star after their defensive efficiency ranked fifth in the league, the first half of Monday only let the Bulls get 26 points. The team to lose more than the Wizards ranked third in the East, but the team has a more relaxed remaining schedule, the last 15 games have 10 games at home, 11 opponents currently winning less than 50%.

8. Thunder 37 wins and 29 losses (8)

Donovan finally put Gibson in the starting lineup, which helped the team beat the Spurs and the Jazz, they ended a 4-game losing streak. Weissbrook seems to realize that three pairs are more helpful than the number of shots he played 30+. Oradei wave back three games three-pointers 15 vote 10, which brings help to the team, but also increased the victory of Westbrook's pass. There are seven assists in the three three-pointers from Weiss.

9. Clippers 40 wins and 26 losses (10)

Clippers since Paul came back only 5 wins and 4 losses record, defense ranked 19th. In the past five games they won four games, lost 102.4 points per 100 rounds. The team is still struggling to rebound, and today will usher in a key battle with the Jazz, which is the remaining schedule with the Jazz two encounters, the two sides compete for the fourth in the west and the first round of the home game advantage. In the Sunday beat the 76ers played 13-4 small climax, since January 2 from the last 5 minutes gap within 5 minutes of the game, the Clippers 9 wins and 2 losses, which is the best league.

10. Heat 32 wins and 25 losses (14)

The Miami Heat did a good job on the road to the playoffs, and they were heading for the eighth in the east, creating trouble for the Pacers in the absence of Dragic. Prior to this, the team back to back swept the Cavaliers, they also hurt the Raptors, so that the two teams attack the top 5 teams only 97 points per 100 rounds. And the Hornets battle their fourth quarter comeback. Dragoq has a few days of recovery time, after the Miami Heat will start on Thursday for five consecutive home games. In the past 14 home they won 13 games.

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