[NBA News] The Warriors are willing to make sacrifices to win all of their players

Warriors last season, the regular season to create a record of 73 wins in the summer Kevin - Durant, they can copy the magic of last season's performance? US media, "USA Today," the author stressed that the warriors are heading high to 73 wins, because all of their players are willing to sacrifice.

美媒:勇士望再夺73胜 他们人人愿意做出牺牲

When Durant decided to join the Warriors, everyone is worried that with the "Big Four" how they should allocate the ball, will lead to contradictions. But after 18 games this season, this is not a problem, because the Warriors willing to make sacrifices, although they have lost two games, the season start as strong as last season, but now the Warriors are walking 73 wins on the road.

First of all, the two scorers in the library and Durant, they have made some sacrifices, such as Curry this season, averaging 10 three-thirds, and last season, averaging 11 shots recorded three points. Durant has also reduced the number of shots, but the three-point shooting has improved, because he got more opportunities in the offensive end of the vacant shot. Clay - Thompson and Raymond - Green is also true.

When you have Curry, Durant, and Thompson, you will encounter "happy trouble", but Steve - Cole is a clever coach, he knows how to create more opportunities to play, but also know How to allocate the player's playing time, so that each player is willing to sacrifice, willing to make sacrifices.

Cole will not arrange for Curry and Durant at the same time on the bench, take on a victory over the Hawks, for example, the two star starter, played together for 5 minutes, followed by Durant was short Rest, Curry led the team attack. In the first section of the last section of the beginning, Durant led the team second team, Curry end rest.

It is Cole coach's reasonable deployment, so that the Warriors second team also do not care about personal data, Andre Iguodala averaged only 5 points, but his role can not be underestimated, he is still very happy on the court; Jamal - wheat Base is also happy to play for the Warriors, will not complain about the number of shots less than 3 times, Pachulia, Livingston, David - West, everyone is making personal sacrifices, only to help the team To win.

Everyone is concerned, the Warriors can also replicate last season, 73 wins miracle. No one can give accurate answers, even if they can not get 73 wins, it is undeniable that the Warriors have been very, very good team, of course, if you can effectively enhance the defense, but also better.