[NBA News] TNT senior reporter Craig - SEG died due to medical treatment invalid

Sag died today, and many NBA players during his lifetime to maintain a good relationship, after his death, NBA players have also come through the social networking site to Tribute to SEG

詹皇领衔群星致敬赛格:传奇谢幕 伟大难复制

James: My old friend, rest in peace, I can work with you all these years. It 's amazing. It' s going to get me to know you and pay attention to you. Here, I want to send blessings to your family. Go to prayer! SEG strong

Stephen Curry: Thank you for being around, you always give the best to every person you meet.

Derek - Greene: Please rest, SEG, always able to see him on the sidelines work diligently, he has left in the game of their own mark! Please rest in peace

Kevin - Lok Fu: Today, the sports circle lost a great man, Craig - SEG, please rest

Kevin - Durant: SEG forever immortal, we love you, may you rest in heaven

Blake Griffin: The entire sports community lost a legend today, Mr. Craig-Sage, resting

Chris Paul: the unique SEG!  As strong as SEG

Khoi - Leonard: SEG is undoubtedly one of the greatest people in this circle, please rest, Craig - SEG.

Jeremy Lin: Craig - SEG, rest in peace!  A person who changes the game

Dwight Howard: For Craig - SEG's death, I feel very sad  SEG as strong. SEG sent to the family's deep condolences, we lost a great man.

Dirk Nowitzki: Please rest, Craig!

Vince Carter: Please rest in peace, Craig SEG, you are a true legend. NBA will never again appear as a person like him, to his family extended deep condolences.

Tristan - Thompson: Craig - SEG, please rest, thank you for all the appreciation, you really interpret the meaning of the word power.

Carl - Anthony - Downs: At this moment, I can not use words to express what, to accept your interview, I am very honored and very excited, without you, sports circle will become completely different.

Isaiah - Thomas: Please rest Craig - SEG, sent condolences to his family.

Boris - Dior: I want to Craig - SEG's family sent condolences. Thank you for passing the positive energy, but also thank you for the suit brought a different style. # Please rest in peace

Scottie - Pippen: Craig - SEG for the NBA has brought too much enthusiasm, he and the spirit of the fight in the end the spirit of inspiration for everyone # rest

Leandro Barbosa: SEG is a very professional person, we will miss you, a hero worth remembering

Austin-Rivers: Please rest, the great legend, all the people will know you miss you, you and my family and friends are always very friendly and inclusive, thank you.

Jamal - Crawford: rest in peace, SEG, we will always remember you


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