[NBA News] Warriors defensive efficiency has risen to Union No. 2

The four giants and the perfect chemical reaction of the warriors, never need to worry about attacking, they averaged 117.4 points, sending 31.3 assists, are highest in the league first. The fear is that the Warriors defense has gradually improved, their defensive efficiency has risen to No. 2 in the league.

恐怖!勇士防守效率升至第二 杜兰特:这很酷

Before the start of the season, the outside world for the Warriors biggest concern is the lack of depth inside, especially Bogut left the team, they lack a protective frame of the center. Since the beginning of the regular season, the Warriors did have some problems on the defensive end, such as the first two games, they were the Spurs and Pelican had 129 points and 114 points.

But as the season deepens, the Warriors are slowly improving their defense. Although there is no Bogut, but Green is still one of the league's best defensive player, Durant also come forward, he even became the team's best frame. Moreover, although the role of Pachulia and McGee Bogut obvious, but still able to use one.

One must note is that since December 8, the Warriors in the past 8 games, six times the opponent's score is limited to 100 points or less. Especially for the Clippers and the pioneers of the two offensive team, the Warriors just let them were 98 points and 90 points.

With this stage of outstanding defense, the Warriors defensive efficiency greatly improved, actually has climbed to the league's second position, only behind the Grizzlies. So far this season, the Warriors lost 100.8 points per round, only a little more than the Grizzlies, which lost 99.6 points per 100 rounds.

In the offensive, the Warriors had played a historical level of high efficiency, but this time efficiency has declined, 113.8 points per 100 rounds, ranked No. 2 in the league, behind the Raptors 100 round 115.2 points.

Warriors to enhance the defense, the direct result is that they more easily dominated the game. Warriors have played a wave of 5-game winning streak, especially in the past two games against the Portland Trail Blazers and Jazz these two impressive team, they even had a net margin of 75 points. At present, the Warriors to 25 wins and 4 losses sit tight in the NBA top spot, they are divided into a hundred rounds of 13 points, the same disdain for the league,

For the Warriors to play an excellent defense, the team's two core Durant and Curry are very satisfied. "It was cool to play like that," Durant said after playing the Jazz for 74 after playing the Warriors. "It's cool to look at our defense all night."

Curry also said that if the Warriors continue this defense, they will invincible. "If we can keep our opponents' scoring below 80, I think we'll win the majority," Curry said.