[NFL News] Brown won the first pony to bid farewell to the playoffs

Year is approaching, NFL regular season also entered the closing stages. This week is the penultimate week of the regular season, after Christmas Eve 12 fierce battle, the situation has become increasingly clear the playoffs, a few teams locked in the playoff seat today. At the same time, this week's race as usual, the birth of some of the historic high light performance and embarrassing moment. Let's take a look at what's interesting about each game.

第十六周数据汇总 布朗获首胜小马告别季后赛

Dolphins 34-31 Bill (overtime)

With the kicker Andrew - Franks in the regular time left 6 seconds of 55 yards free kick, the dolphins to thrilling equalizer and again in the overtime to rely on Franks free kick to win. 55-yard free kick equalizer is absolutely heroic performance, in the field before the past seven years, NFL's kicker, in the last ten seconds of the game to face to equalize or overtake the score 55 yards or more free kick opportunities 20 times , Of which only 6 times scored.

While Bill missed a free kick in the overtime game that could win the game. The loss to the Bill to continue the NFL's longest consecutive 17-year absence of the playoffs. For coach Rex - Ryan, then upset in the playoffs Patriot has become a distant memory: This is his sixth consecutive year less than 50% winning percentage.

The Patriot

Although the field easy to win, but with a minor injury played Patriots quarterback Tom - Brady unable to crack the jet raid. In today's raid, Brady only 9 pass 3 25 yards, and in the absence of being raided when 18 pass 14, the average shot can get 10 yards each time.

Titan 17-38 Jaguars

Today is a dark day for the Titan, not only lost the game playoff hopes are slim, the main quarterback Marcus - Mario Tower also suffered a broken fibula season. But he came this season, 26 minded array of touchdowns, Titans has been the highest since 1990.

The Jaguar quarterback Blake - Boltus and wide receiver Marquis - Lee, the field each other to pass each other a touchdowns, which is the first time since 1985, the league teammates to convey each other array Case.

第十六周数据汇总 布朗获首胜小马告别季后赛

Viking 25-38 Packers

Packers got a five-game winning streak, the playoff hopes to surge. Was able to state hot, the most important because quarterback Aaron - Rogers and the number one wide receiver Jody - Nelson found a tacit understanding. In this five-game winning streak during the Nielsen catch success rate of 81%, averaging 105 yards. Rogers averaged 11.2 yards per nelson.

Lightning 17-20 Brown

For the first time since the fourth week of the season with the leading score into the fourth quarter, Brown finally touched the heavens. Lightning stable player Josh - Rambo at the last moment of a free kick was blocked, a kick, brown ended in the Christmas Eve of the season 17 season, get the best Christmas gift: the first win of the season.

Red skin 41-21 bear

Redskins quarterback Cork - Cousins ​​today to show his generalist attribute, his ball rushed a note of 9 yards touchdowns and 1 count 1 yards touchdowns, is the first single-game this season, two red ball up Quarterback. Yes, not Russell - Wilson, not Demis - Winston, not Kam - Newton, but Cousins.

Falcon 33-16 Panthers

Falcon this season, played a wonderful offensive level of history. As the rookie near-end Austin - Hooper injury, the team just two days ago from the candidate list on the bit promoted DJ-Ti Yalavia. In today's game, Tiaravia has a 1-yard catch 1 touchdowns, so quarterback Matt - Ryan became the first single-season history of the league to the 13 catchers outgoing touchdowns of four Fenwei.

Panthers also because of the loss of the field and completely missed the playoffs. But they also have a historic moment in today: Near-end Greg Olsen 6 times the ball to get 59 yards, becoming the league's first three consecutive seasons in the 1000 yards of the proximal front.

第十六周数据汇总 布朗获首胜小马告别季后赛

Pony 25-33 Raiders

Quarterback Andrew - Larker twice steals the first half, the pony missed the playoffs a week in advance. This is since the 1997 and 98 seasons (Payton - Manning rookie season), the team missed the playoffs for the first time in two consecutive years. But the team is ushered in a historic moment, the veteran running back Frank - Gore of the field with a total of 85 yards to get the game, the total number of yards to 1227 yards, becoming the first in a league history 11 The total yards of the season more than 1200 yards of the players.

Although the Raiders to keep the winning fruit, from the first round bye of the playoffs is a step closer, but the home quarterback Derek - Carl injury season reimbursement, the team's playoff prospects cast a shadow. Karl is the league's lowest quarterback (2.7 per cent) and is a fraction of the quarterback. Today, he was sacked so once, it was seriously injured, it is bad luck. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Cardinals 34-31 Seahawks

The final moment of the game, Seahawks kicker Steven - Howard Schaeffer additional points can not be scored, then Cardinals kicker Chandler - Catanzaro scored 43 yards lore free kick, the Cardinals dramatic win. The team's two players are also in the field to continue their record refresh. Running back David Johnson - the field three red ball touchdowns, even the season with a total of touchdowns to reach 20, which is the Union since 2011 for the first time since. This is Johnson's 15th consecutive finish with the total number of yards to take over a hundred, tied the legendary Barry - Sanders of the historical record. In addition veteran wide receiver Larry - Fitzgerald the field of the ball 31 yards, more than legendary Reggie - Wayne, leaping the total number of the history of the first 9 yards.

Pirates 24-31 Saints

Saints security guard Jaruth - Bilder two steals is the field of the first hero. After two consecutive years of injuries, Bilder in the field finally reproduce the year in Buffalo star performance, his last single field two steals, or 2013 Bill jersey when. The last time the saints have a single player two steals, also dates back to 2014. In addition, this is the saints coach Sean - Peyton coached the team 11 years of the 100th victory, including the regular season 94 wins, breaking the same coaching team 11 years former predecessor Jim - Mora, become team history Win the most head coach.

49 people 22-21 ram

Although the game score is not low, the scene is very ornamental in general. From the end of Section 1 to the beginning of Section 4, the two sides together once the 15 offensive team did not score, with 14 kick and 1 end of the ball out. This is the fourth time this season, the Ram attack yards less than 200 yards, the last team in this embarrassing situation, or in 2012.

Tigers 10-12 Texas people

Last-minute free kick does not enter, the Tigers regret losing. But the team's only touchdowns the audience is still more exciting, is the receiver Brandon - Rafal's 86 yards catch a touchdowns. Kick-off back to the array after the start of the offensive position from the side before moving 20 yards to 25 yards, touchdowns required distance from 80 yards into a 75 yards, the team played more than 80 yards single-file attack opportunities Also a lot less. The first 15 weeks of this season, all the team played a total of eight times more than 80 yards of the single file attack, less than half of last year. Today's 86-yard touchdowns are also the longest of the season.

Although the league's first defensive player early season reimbursement, despite the end of the season had to replace the quarterback, Texas this season, or played the league's first defensive performance, ahead of a week to complete the Southern League defending the United States. The team this season 8 home 7 wins and 1 loss, is the team history best performance.