Path of Exile's Hot Spotlight in 2019

Grinding Gear Games capped off an amazing 2019 with ExileCon. The two-day convention held in New Zealand provided long-time fans with news and surprises, including the reveal of Path of Exile 2. While the sequel won’t be out for some time, players will be able to continue enjoying their adventures in Wraeclast via Path of Exile‘s Conquerors of the Atlas expansion.

Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas plans on changing the endgame quite a bit owing to changes to the Atlas maps system. When the expansion goes live, only 50 Atlas maps will be available. However, you’ll be able to defeat conquerors that drop Watchstones that can be socketed into various parts of the Atlas. This will open up new tiers, maps, and tilesets as you continue to progress. Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas will also add five new bosses, an endgame storyline, Support Plus gems (which are more powerful than their default counterparts), a rework to bows, the Ballista skill archetype, and more.

But, that’s for the Atlas endgame. The expansion will also include the Metamorph challenge league. As you progress through the campaign, you’ll be able to attain the services of Tane Octavius. The master alchemist allows you to fuse together different enemies that you’ve defeated, turning them into “metamorphs.” These abominations will even retain the abilities of the monsters that you’ve picked. The metamorphs you defeat will drop catalysts that can be used to upgrade the quality of jewelry. Oh, and if you want to ramp up the difficulty, you can check out the Conquerors of the Atlas endgame maps, defeat those Atlas bosses, and fuse them together to create the deadliest metamorph you can make.


A distinctive feature in Path of Exile is the lack of Gold as a standard currency as it is common in most other (MMO)RPGs. Instead, you will be looking for special artefacts in Path of Exile that enable you to randomly alter the stats of items. A unique economy system results from these exceptional conditions. But one thing is for sure in Path of Exile: Only with the best possible equipment should you try to face the hardest challenges! 

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