POE Latest Deployment Performance Patch

Last week Grinding Gear Games posted an update work on improving Path of Exile's recent client and serverside performance problems. While working on these areas, they identified a much larger problem and have deployed a hotfix for it today.

Due to a subtle change made in 3.8.0, a bug was introduced where certain effects on the client would spawn more particles on long frames than short frames. This meant that when the game client slowed down for any reason, it would start to take exponentially longer for each subsequent frame. A fix for this has been deployed today.

This particular issue causes small performance issues to turn into gigantic client freezes, which can be seen in popular reddit/forum posts since this bug was introduced with 3.8.0. Other work is still ongoing on fixing the small performance issues that were exacerbated by this.

In addition, they have found several areas of server performance that can immediately improve, which will prevent the stuttering and slowdown that can occur when the game server instance is consuming far too much CPU. The same fixes will be applied to console realms as soon as possible.


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