Psyonix Details Rocket League Roadmap for Fall 2019

While players are enjoying the final phase of Radical Summer, Psyonix has outlined the plans for Fall 2019 on its site to make players know what they can expect in the next few months. Here is the information about Rocket League Roadmap for Fall 2019 to keep you in the loop. 

Rocket League Roadmap for Fall 2019

Considering the gap between Rocket Pass 2 and Rocket Pass 3 was too long, Psyonix will extend Rocket Pass 3 to the beginning of Rocket Pass 4. Rocket Pass 3 will be live until August 27, however no new Weekly Challenges will be added. The next Rocket Pass will begin on August 28.


Slight changes will be added to the Weekly Challenge System in Rocket Pass 4. Players can complete Challenges from previous weeks throughout Rocket Pass 4, just like the previous Rocket Pass. Competitive Season 12 will also begin on August 27, the same day when Competitive Season 11 ends. On the technical front, Psyonix is working on audio changes and will add two new stats to the game: High five and low five. Bump into a teammate either in the air or on the ground respectively after scoring to raise the first of those two stats while the third tracks how many times you score in Hoops without touching the rim.

Haunted Hallows will be coming this fall and there will be a new and improved tournaments in Rocket League. Psyonix is planned to roll out the functionality of the Party-Up System, Inventory Management, and quality-of-life improvements to the player-to-player trading system in this fall, which was dicussed in May's Roadmap.

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